57. The Two of Swords Holiday Minisode!

Happy Holidays, sweet Wild Souls! It’s our first ever minisode of the podcast, honoring the patron saints of self-care during any holiday season, or gathering: Two of Swords and Queen of Swords!

This minisode is a gentle love note to anyone who might need to hear kind words in their ear this week. Just a reminder that you are allowed to honor your boundaries and self-care without apology during this Xmas holiday. If you are having trouble, call upon these who archetypes to help you — and know I, and so many others, love you deeply.

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56. The Devil: Transformative Liberation

Happy Solstice/Yule, Wild Souls! Today on the podcast, Lindsay dives deep into the profound medicine of The Devil card, exploring it through a soul centered lens.

“The Devil is—in soul Tarot—the absolute most profound liberation in the entire Tarot.”

The Devil is a transformative liberation, a holy ladder, one that has the power and the potential to positively shift our relationship with ourselves, our desires and our brain chemistry forever, if we are available to the blessings that it brings. On this episode, we explore an evolved way of viewing this card, and discuss ways in which to work with it if we are triggered, contracted, or confused.

“The Devil is really not about the vice, it’s about your beliefs about the vice.”

The Devil is truly one of the great keys of the Tarot — together, we will dispel any fear based myths around this beautiful card, opening listeners to the possibility of a fresh relationship with its medicine.

“The Devil is a liberation because it brings us right to ground zero with our brain chemistry.”


  • The importance of rest and being gentle this time of year and the powerful punch this weekend packs: Yule/Full Moon in Cancer/Sun moving into Capricorn (1:49)

  • The glories of the Solstice, of Yule, and of inclusive ways to observe it (4:41)

  • The Devil card in the Tarot and ways to begin to soften and open our relationship to it (12:34)

  • The relationship between The Devil and Temperance: expansion and contraction (20:02)

  • Four questions to ask when you pull The Devil: Where am I expanding? What is this impulse/what is the invitation? What’s in my highest and best to know about this? Is this in my highest and best/is this truth? (29:25)

  • The relationship between The Devil, The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Lovers (53:19)

  • Capricorn’s role in ruling The Devil (54:22)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

  • Tarot for the Wild Soul Episode #55: Embodying the Empress with Erica Livingston

  • Smith Rider Waite Tarot deck

  • Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

  • The Threshold: A Journey into 2019

55. Embodying The Empress with Erica Livingston

In today’s Tarot for the Wild Soul episode, we’re meeting the embodiment of The Empress in Doula, breathwork facilitator, and herbalist, and co-founder of Birdsong Brooklyn, Erica Livingston.

“The way that I define doula now is anyone who supports and provides service for any person crossing a threshold.” -Erica Livingston

The core understanding of The Empress is that it’s an invitation to receive, and receiving is the hardest thing we do on this planet as people. In this episode, Erica embodies this receiving energy of The Empress by sharing how to dilate so we can become more comfortable with receiving from others as well as ourselves, and how we can begin to plug in our threshold journeys.

“By sharing with others and allowing them to care for you—especially when you are the first one crossing a threshold like this in your community—you’re permissioning every single person in that circle to do the same when it’s their turn.” -Erica Livingston

This episode also touches on embodying Death. Embodiment of Death is someone who is available to the cycles of change that come with deep release and transformational rebirth because the Death card is about death but it is also about a turning over and a transition from one form to another. So we’ll see the meeting of The Empress and Death because as Erica shares, that receiving energy is often most needed after big transitions and transformations.

“The first way people can wrap their heads around receiving in Empress is the basics of: how are you giving to yourself and receiving from you first and then come outward from there.” -Erica Livingston


  • A shift in how interview episodes will be focused for this Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast (0:25)

  • Introducing Erica Livingston, this episode’s embodiment of The Empress in the Tarot (1:25)

  • What is the Empress in the Tarot? (4:55)

  • What is a doula? (15:17)

  • Erica’s postpartum work and the importance of receiving in the time of after crossing a threshold (17:27)

  • Postpartum as a journey through the underworld and Erica’s adoption story (27:24)

  • The initiation to dilating the threshold of learning how to receive (38:58)

  • Tips for expanding that threshold of receiving + embodying the Empress (52:57)

  • Discomfort and contraction as evidence of when you’re about to break through the threshold (1:09:20)

  • Erica’s amazing offerings and where you can find more (1:18:20)

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54. Ask Lindsay: Spirit Guides, Clarifying Cards & Tough Tarot Medicine

It’s Ask Lindsay time on Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! The episode where I answer your questions about magic, the Tarot, your practice, and more. Plus, I’m sharing some Tarot + soul recommendations that some seriously magical beings are currently offering.

“Life happens for us, not to us, even though it doesn’t feel that way a lot of the time. Life finds a way. So the Tarot cannot be any different from life. It has to match life.”


  • Lindsay’s brand new offering: The Threshold (3:47)

  • Strategies for interpreting reversed court cards in the Tarot (9:15)

  • How to avoid the anxiety spiral when tough cards come up when giving ourselves Tarot readings (13:19)

  • How to calculate the Tarot cards of the year (24:06)

  • Tarot cards that might show up during the Saturn Return: The Hierophant, The Tower, and The Star (24:42)

  • What to do if you feel too traumatized to give Tarot readings (31:14)

  • How to read an “outcome” Tarot card that is not positive (37:47)

  • How to initiate a relationship with your Spirit Guides (39:50)

  • What happens if a couple Tarot cards in your deck get warped or damaged? Do you have to get a new deck? (44:36)

  • Steps to take if you draw a Tarot card that just doesn’t resonate with you or that you don’t understand the message for you (45:54)

  • Can you ask your Tarot deck for gentler readings if you’re going through a difficult time? (48:35)

  • What to do with a Tarot deck you’re ready to release (52:25)

  • Lindsay’s Picks: two amazing Tarot + soul-searching recommendations to check out (55:46)

  • This week’s astrology: Mercury stations direct + New Moon in Sagittarius (1:01:05)

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53. MONTHLY MEDICINE: December is the Cocoon

Welcome to a new month, Wild Souls! Good news: the podcast is back from fall break! I’ve got big news about changes and shifts to the podcast is shifting, and I’m so excited to share them with you at the top of today’s episode!

“Solstices kind of energetically teach us about the art of intuitive presence—that we can be in what is in the now while also holding space for what is to come.”

Our Monthly Medicine for December is THE COCOON, welcoming us into a space of inner work and sacred pausing in this space between death and rebirth. We cleared so much in Scorpio season specifically, saying goodbye to everything that had to be released. It is a time where we cannot return to where we came from, but have little clarity on the next steps of our lives — or how they will present themselves to us. We may not have clarity on where we are going right now, or how we will transition from the space we are in to the one we long to take root in.

“The cocoon is an energetic space that is wanting to bloom open within us so that we can do the internal work that we need to do in the month ahead in a way that feels safe, that feels practical, and in a way that actually begets us meeting with the next steps of our external life.”

But rather than strategize, manipulate, force, or burn ourselves out trying to manifest our next step, we are invited to come into The Cocoon, to take a sacred pause. When anxiety about the future, or discomfort in this moment arises, we will be asked to return to our center through pausing. The Cocoon brings us from identification with the ego’s contraction to a space of embodied intimacy with ourselves. In doing this, we are available to presence, care-taking and nurturing whatever is coming up for us.

“The cocoon is calling us back home.The cocoon is like the inner cave—it’s a space where we can reconnect with ourselves.”


  • Some Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast announcements + the evolutions you can expect (2:06)

  • The energetic shift of this month and the powerful duality of the winter + summer solstice (17:17)

  • December’s monthly medicine: The Cocoon, the idea of doing some deep inner work in an energetic cocoon (23:16)

  • Shifting energy from an 11 year to a 12 year, from an energy of going within and honoring that alignment to an energy of completion (28:41)

  • Building a shelter to keep ourselves more intimately within after the deaths we’ve experienced in Scorpio season (32:09)

  • Preparing to meet The Hanged Man for 2019 (38:40)

  • The slowness and internal integration of Temperance in this Sagittarius season (39:44)

Wild Soul Collective Tarot Reading for December:

MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Page of Cups Rx (48:45)
WHAT’S UNDERNEATH: Six of Swords Rx (55:13)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: Four of Pentacles (58:10)
LESSON: Seven of Swords (59:56)
OVERALL ENERGY: The Moon (1:03:46)

Astrology for the month:

December 6th: Mercury in Sagittarius goes direct; New Moon in Sagittarius (1:07:13)
December 21st: Solstice (1:07:59)
December 22nd: Full Moon in Cancer (1:08:02)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

52. MONTHLY MEDICINE: November is Life/Death/Life

Happy Samhain! Welcome to November, Wild Souls! To honor the new cycle ahead of us, we have a brand new Monthly Medicine on Tarot for the Wild Soul. Our Monthly Medicine for November is LIFE/DEATH/LIFE.

“When we’re living in life/death/life, we’re actually connected to the truth of the rhythm of this life. We usually see things as being life or death, and really, it’s a consistently moving spiral.”

A term coined by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women who Run with the Wolves, Life/Death/Life is a journey of inner transformation and transmutation, the spiral of rebirth. This is the energy and the invitation of the month ahead. The feel of November is very different from that of the past few months. That isn’t to imply that there won’t be huge frequency waves — some of them intense and some of beautiful and expansive — but overall, there has been a shift. We are being invited to connect with our inner Spark, the light within us that reflects the depth of our soul, what literally ignites us and gets us moving in the direction of our dreams. We will travel through a full cycle of change this month, one that will ask us to gather our strength, courage, curiosity and depth.

“You don’t always have to feel ready to be ready.”


  • Celebrating Samhain, the Witches New Year: honoring the ancestors + the land and connecting with our own mortality (0:48)

  • How Scorpio Season fits perfectly into this Life/Death/Life theme: Death card and the Tower card in the Tarot (12:28)

  • Moving into Sagittarius Season and Temperance (19:03)

  • Astrology for the month: Samhain on October 31st, Uranus Retrograde in Aries until March 6th 2019, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on November 8, New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16th, and a Full Moon in Gemini on November 22nd (25:14)

  • The mantra of the month of November: Life/Death/Life (31:43)

Wild Soul Collective Tarot Reading for November (47:38)
MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Page of Wands (47:42)
WHAT’S BEING RELEASED: Nine of Cups, Rx (54:49)
WHAT’S ON IT’S WAY IN: Two of Cups (56:42)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: Six of Wands (1:00:26)
WHAT’S ABOVE: Nine of Pentacles, Rx (1:02:49)
WHAT’S BELOW: Strength (1:03:15)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

51. MONTHLY MEDICINE: October is The Garden

Welcome to October, Wild Souls! To honor the new cycle ahead of us, we have a brand new Monthly Medicine.

“You can’t get out of a High Priestess / Justice year without being recentered in the absolute core of your life—this month we get to have the choice about what goes and what stays.”

Our Monthly Medicine for October is The Garden. We are being invited back into The Garden in October, the realm of the heart, to clarify for ourselves what is true and what is untrue, what shines and what casts shadow, what needs to be uprooted, and what wants to be planted. We are in a rebalancing this month, a realigning, one that will unfold in a powerful and paced way.

“Without cultivating a healthy, vibrant, established relationship with the heart—with the garden of ourselves—we can’t truly come out on the other side.”


  • Pluto has gone direct! and the Full Moon in Aries (1:42)

  • October’s mantra: The Garden (8:10)

  • The energetic profile of October, being one that is connected to helping us make changes and realign in a temperate, well paced way, reminiscent of the Five of Cups (22:26)

  • Moving from Libra (Justice) to Death in October (Scorpio) (30:45)

The Wild Soul Collective Tarot reading for October
MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Knight of Pentacles (33:41)
WHAT WE’RE RELEASING: The World (38:26)
WHAT’S COMING IN: Six of Pentacles (42:33)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: Two of Pentacles, reversed (48:06)
WHAT’S ABOVE: Strength (51:57)
WHAT’S BELOW: Seven of Wands (53:32)

  • Astrology for the month: Venus stations Retrograde on October 5th, New Moon in Libra on October 8th, moving into Scorpio season, and a Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th (55:31)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

To send a letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford:

Christine Blasey Ford c/o Anna Enshoo
698 Emerson St.
Palo Alto, CA

50. MONTHLY MEDICINE: September is Open Your Eyes

Welcome to another month! Another month means another Monthly Medicine episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, and this one is a download of epic proportions.

“You can have a fruitful, very abundant, amazing time and still be wildly uncomfortable.”

The season of Eclipses, Retrogrades, insanely intense Moons, and cosmic laboring has come to a close. Even though we will be in a few Retrogrades this month and next, we have made it through the birth canal of the Great Void, and are ready to transition into a new cycle, a new season, a new opportunity to utilize our energy. We are ready to put all of the wisdom we have gained in the last few months into actionable steps forward.

“Self-care is not a problem. It doesn’t mean weakness at all.”

Our Monthly Medicine for September is Open Your Eyes. Opening our eyes is a choice, a moment of willingness to see something clearly, something that’s ready to be seen.

“Don’t let the brain trick you into believing that discomfort is a problem because it is not a problem.”

What is working? What is not working? What is ready to transform? We are invited to willingly look, notice, understand, and shift from a place of maturity, personal responsibility, and wisdom this month. No story, no blame, no victimhood. To make lasting, impactful changes, we must be willing to be with what is here. We are truly in a position to make some epic changes in September. We will only be able to do so by deeply seeing what is present, and the medicine it brings—even if it’s uncomfortable.


  • September’s energetic profile coming through the “birthing” experience of summer of 2018 (5:34)

  • September’s mantra: Open Your Eyes (19:05)

Wild Soul Collective Tarot Reading for September
MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Justice (29:34)
WHAT WE ARE RELEASING: The Hanged Man reversed (45:07)
WHAT WE ARE STEPPING INTO: Five of Swords (47:47)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: King of Pentacles reversed & Ten of Cups (55:42)

  • The importance of quiet time this month (1:03:41)

  • Astrology for the month: Saturn stations direct on September 6th, New Moon in Virgo on September 9th, moving into Libra season, a Full Moon in Aries on September 24th, and Pluto stations direct on September 30th (1:07:00)


Tarot Resources mentioned:

49. Tarot for the Highly Sensitive Soul with Marcella Kroll

In this episode, I’m welcoming the incredible Marcella Kroll to the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! Marcella is an artist, tarot reader, metaphysical teacher, and the creator of the Sacred Symbols and Nature Nurture Oracle Decks.

“Tarot became my best friend during my first bout with recovery because it was a vehicle for me to learn about myself.” -Marcella Kroll

In this conversation, we dive into Marcella’s experience of being a highly sensitive and psychic child, developing a relationship with Tarot through addiction recovery, and how she’s been able to come home to herself through Tarot, art, and ritual—both personal practice and teaching Tarot to teens at the public library—when she doesn’t feel a sense of belonging anywhere else.

“The more we become aware of all our wounds, the more we get confronted with actually healing them.” -Marcella Kroll



  • The astrological forces at play this week: Mercury has gone direct & Full Moon in Pisces next week (0:25)

  • Tarot for the Wild Soul course starts in two weeks! (0:56)

  • Introducing Marcella Kroll (3:53)

  • How Marcella got started on her path of artistry, Tarot, and magic + being a highly sensitive child (8:01)

  • Marcella’s relationship with different Tarot decks and oracle decks (19:45)

  • Teaching teens Tarot at the library (25:07)

  • Learning and developing boundary work and cord cutting when you are a highly sensitive, open psychic channel (37:18)

  • The creation of the Sacred Symbols and Nature Nurture Oracle Decks (50:20)

  • Swimming through a Justice + High Priestess year and navigating The Tower and the Eight of Swords (1:04:09)


Tarot Resources mentioned:


More from Marcella Kroll:

48. Surrendering to The Tower

Today I want to approach The Tower as a holy tree in the Tarot. This is one of the most feared and perhaps most misunderstood cards in the Tarot, so I’m shedding some light on the medicine it can offer if you’re willing to surrender to it.

“The Tower is ultimately an initiation. It’s a cracking open and a clearing of something—a belief system, a structure, a relationship—that is not true for us.”

We’ve all been through The Tower—whether or not we had the archetypal vocabulary to support us—so let’s talking about how The Tower acts as a loving force to keep us in alignment, how it relates to the High Priestess and The Hermit, and the different levels and layers of how The Tower might hold deep medicine for us.

“The Tower is the intensity expressed in what happens when we live out of alignment with our soul’s truth.”



  • Coming out the other side of eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde (0:27)

  • Approaching the sacred mountain / holy tree of The Tower in the Tarot (1:29)

  • The Tower as it relates to the High Priestess and The Hermit in a Maiden, Mother, Crone dynamic (3:54)

  • The Tower as an initiation (15:49)

  • Examples of big Tower moments (19:00)

  • The different levels and layers of The Tower (30:15)

  • Top Tower (30:37)

  • Mid-Level Tower (34:00)

  • Foundational Tower (40:43)

  • Sub-basement Tower (44:06)

  • Making peace with The Tower and surrendering to the discomfort (48:10)


Tarot Resources mentioned:

46. MONTHLY MEDICINE: August is Holy Renewal

Today we’re celebrating one year of the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast—complete with a new icon and a dedicated website!

“We renew so that we can be available for what is in our highest and best.”

Our Monthly Medicine for August is Holy Renewal. Like a snake shedding its skin, we’re being asked to replace or repair something that is worn out, run down, or broken. Or maybe resuming an activity or state of being after pause or interruption. So this month as we enter we ask ourselves why we may have been interrupted or paused in the first place or what our relationship is with replacing something that is broken or threadbare. What are we being invited to upgrade and what reflection do we need to take as we step into renewal?

“There is no greater symbol of renewal than Death. Death is the changing of form.”



  • Celebrating one year of Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast (0:30)

  • Welcoming in Lughnasadh / Lammas or Imbolc (3:43)

  • Channeled medicine for August: Holy Renewal (8:03)

  • The Lion’s Gate portal of August 8th (17:38)

  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th (18:36)

  • Mercury stations direct on August 19th (19:59)

  • Full Moon in Pisces on August 26th (20:14)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead: Death (20:38)

  • What we’re releasing or leaving behind in July: Page of Wands (26:34)

  • What we’re moving into in August: Three of Wands (28:41)

  • August’s gentle medicine from Divine: The Moon (30:58)

  • Transitioning from Leo Season (Strength card in the Tarot) to Virgo Season (Hermit card in the Tarot) (34:05)

  • Snake medicine for the month of August (40:37)


Tarot Resources mentioned:

45. Tarot-Inspired Plant Medicine with Jordan Pagán of Ostara Apothecary

We’re in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, which some people feel harder than they feel the retrograde itself. Mercury’s directive is to go—to express itself, to communicate, to move. So during Mercury Retrograde, we’re re-examining the ways we’ve been moving and speaking. The tarot medicine for this time is the Magician reversed, which asks us to turn inward and incubate while being cautious about sharing. As Mercury moves through Leo, we’re also being asked to visit the Strength card to look at where we’re being invited to examine how we share our heart, show up undefended, and step into ourselves. We’ll also be moving through a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, which is all about personal healing to then extend outward and heal the collective using the deep tarot medicine of the Star. So this is a time to deeply examine who we are an individuals and how we want to express ourselves as a channel for the collective

“The Queen of Swords is very direct and forthright. She has this air of she’s seen it all and she’s going to tell it how it is because she loves you, but she’s not going to sugarcoat things.” -Jordan Pagán

Today I’m so excited to welcome Jordan Catherine Pagán of Ostara Apothecary, who is a healer, medicine-maker, breathwork practitioner, and tarot reader in Brooklyn. She draws on her Yaqui heritage to connect with the powerful medicine of flowers and incorporate them into every one of her sessions. Together, Jordan and I discuss how she began her journey with plant medicine and tarot, the deep medicine she’s received from the Queen of Swords, and how she’s found inspiration from tarot to create some beautiful and potent plant medicine elixirs.

“Flowers are the ultimate healers because they attract people to the medicine that they hold inside.” -Jordan Pagán


  • Tarot for the Wild Soul course is now open! (1:45)

  • What to know about being in the shadow of the July 2018 Mercury Retrograde and how it relates to the Magician tarot card reversed paired with the Strength tarot card of Leo season (11:30)

  • What to know about the July 2018 full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius and the medicine of the Star tarot card during this Judgement tarot card year (15:19)

  • How Jordan creates her magic through Ostara Apothecary, the inspiration behind her apothecary’s name, and how she allowed her Yaqui ancestry to guide her to a deep connection with flowers and flower medicine (23:09)

  • How Jordan’s journey with tarot began (30:08)

  • Websites and resources for learning to read tarot (36:33)

  • Jordan’s journey to leaving her job and leaping into tarot reading and herbal medicine full time through the Queen of Swords (37:53)

  • Jordan’s soul tarot cards: Queen of Swords, Eight of Swords, Ten of Cups, Three of Cups, Empress, and High Priestess (44:29)

  • Lessons from a High Priestess year (49:04)

  • Jordan’s path to herbalism and her Tarot-inspired herbalism line—Strength elixir, Moon elixir, High Priestess oil, and Four of Swords elixir (52:59)

  • New medicines coming from Jordan and Ostara Apothecary—Sun elixir and Nectar of the Goddess (1:00:55)


Tarot Resources mentioned:


More from Jordan Catherine Pagán:


44. The Soulmate in the Mirror: Exploring the “Love” Cards in the Tarot

If you are seeking out your beloved, your twin flame, or your soulmate, look no further than your own reflection. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

“There’s a conditioning to believe that we won’t be okay until we’re with a partner to mirror us. We are the mirrors we’ve been looking for.”

In this episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, I’m diving into the soul core of the “love” cards of the Tarot (The Lovers, Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, Four of Cups, and Ten of Cups), inviting listeners to explore them from an evolved, inclusive, and self-empowered perspective. We also explore the crucial point that we the proverbial soulmate is in the mirror, shifting the idea of relationships, love, and receiving to a deeply sovereign place, one that brings us back home to ourselves.

“The tarot cannot be any different than life.”


  • Looking at the soulmate in the mirror and the importance of examining your marriage with yourself (2:45)

  • How looking for love will only create more distance from it (8:40)

  • All the ways in which we rob ourselves of the deep and beautiful intimacy that exists within our being — and how we can shift that (16:19)

  • Examining the Lovers card in the Tarot through a soul-centered perspective (24:05)

  • The shadow of the Lovers card as the Devil in the Tarot (31:15)

  • Examining the Ace of Cups card in the Tarot through a soul-centered perspective (36:30)

  • Examining the Two of Cups card in the Tarot through a soul-centered perspective (40:43)

  • The relationship between the High Priestess and the Fool in the Tarot (40:48)

  • Examining the Four of Cups card in the Tarot through a soul-centered perspective (43:05)

  • Examining the Ten of Cups card in the Tarot through a soul-centered perspective (45:13)

  • How important it is to begin to shift out of the paradigm that these traditionally held cards are always about the fact that a partner is coming (51:40)

  • Holding a space of ethics and inclusivity for everyone’s experience of love and sexuality, including those who do not date, or choose not to date (53:38)


Tarot Resources mentioned:

43. Creating Spirit-Driven Art with Mary Evans of Spirit Speak Tarot

It’s Eclipse season, and I have a phenomenal guest on the podcast this week! Joining me today is the amazing and magical Mary Elizabeth Evans, aka Spirit Speak Tarot! Born in Nashville and currently residing in Joshua Tree, Mary Elizabeth Evans is an artist, a teacher, a creator, and a Tarot reader. She is the creator of the Spirit Speak Tarot deck, The Divina Tarot deck, and the Vessel, Iris, and Road to Nowhere Oracle decks.

“Everyone has the ability of intuition and the cards are just a tool to help you get there.” -Mary Evans

Together, Mary and I discuss her origin story, how she found Tarot, how she began to intersect her spirituality and intuition with art, the birth stories of her many, amazing decks, and working through the Tower, Justice, Hanged Man, Temperance, Nine of Pentacles, and Queen of Pentacles Tarot cards. I’m also offering some energetic medicine on the New Moon Solar Eclipse and how to view its energy as the Tower reversed in the Tarot.


  • Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2018 (0:50)

  • Mary’s journey growing up in Tennessee and finding the Tarot (17:30)

  • Learning the Tarot through self-teaching and demystifying the role of the reader (24:25)

  • Mary’s connection with her artistry, creativity, and spiritual connection  (30:00)

  • Creating the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck (34:45)

  • Mary’s creative and spiritual process of creating tarot and oracle decks (38:45)

  • The process of publishing a Tarot deck (41:47)

  • Creating the Vessel Oracle Deck (44:35)

  • Creating the Iris Oracle Deck (48:30)

  • Creating the Divina Tarot Deck (54:13)

  • Mary’s changing relationship with the Tarot (56:32)

  • A sneak peek of Mary’s upcoming Tarot deck (58:22)

  • Mary’s move to Joshua Tree and feeling a call away from the Tarot toward other work (1:01:53)

  • Working through The Tower card in the Tarot (1:03:57)

  • The medicine of the Justice card in the Tarot (1:06:01)

  • The elusive Hanged Man and Temperance Tarot cards (1:09:27)

  • Loving the Nine of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles Tarot cards (1:13:54)

  • Mary’s clothing, jewelry, and adornments (1:15:50)


Tarot Resources mentioned:


More from Mary Evans:

42. MONTHLY MEDICINE: July is Rebirth

It’s Monthly Medicine time again, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of July. The sacred mantra for this month ahead is REBIRTH.

“Without death, there is no rebirth. So the work this month is essentially to create the new foundations of our lives.”

Rebirth is the only word to describe the heat, intensity, and profound energy that the month of July will be inviting all of us into. It’s a transformative month, sandwiched by two Retrogrades and two Eclipses. We are shedding, changing, and clarifying on a staggering level, personally and collectively, allowing everything that’s ready to die to die. Without death, there is no rebirth. Our work will be to create the new foundations, to rewire, making and carving out space within ourselves for the new to bloom—and to do so with as much compassion and gentleness as possible. The entire month is a dilation, asking us to surrender, to trust, to allow and to make way for the massive expansions and evolutions that are on their way to us. Prepare to dive deep and transform in the month of July.

“You don’t need to be, explain, show, bare yourself in any way that doesn’t feel like it’s in alignment for you.”



  • Grounding and clarifying medicine from the Full Moon in Capricorn (1:15)

  • July’s channeled monthly medicine of rebirth, offering us a powerful chance to clear, reset, and prepare to both shed and expand profoundly (4:30)

  • Moving from Cancer Season (The Chariot card in the Tarot) to Leo Season (the Strength card in the Tarot) (16:12)

  • Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead: Two of Wands, reversed (38:23)

  • What we’re leaving behind in June: King of Pentacles (42:08)

  • What we’re moving into in July: The Empress (44:46)

  • July’s gentle message from divine: Death (50:30)

  • The Medicine of The Emperor reversed, The Tower reversed, and Death reversed for Mars Retrograde (55:23)

  • Mercury Retrograde in Leo (1:02:03)

  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (1:02:45)


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41. Self-Healing through the Tarot with Crone of Wands

It’s all about the solar (and Wands) fire this week on Tarot for the Wild Soul! Lindsay’s guest on the podcast is the lovely Christianna Wincek, aka Crone of Wands! Christianna is a witch who utilizes Tarot, herbs, and magic as tools for reclaiming, harnessing, and honoring personal power through self-healing.

“Engaging with the Tarot for yourself is an avenue back to power for people who have been stripped of their power.” -Christianna Winek

Together, we dive into Christianna’s journey into claiming her calling as a Tarot reader and plant witch, her healing journey through childhood trauma, growing up religious when you’re a witch, and (of course), the Queen of Wands. Lindsay also kicks off this week’s episode with some medicine around the Summer Solstice, and how we can honor its shining magic from either sides of the globe.

“That process is the best way to learn: just pulling a card for yourself every day.” -Christianna Winek



  • Announcement of Lindsay’s Court Cards class, Trauma and the Tarot class, and Tarot for the Wild Soul class (0:41)

  • Welcoming in Summer Solstice and suggestions for ways to celebrate the solstice + honor its magic (8:22)

  • Introducing Christianna Wincek aka Crone of Wands (17:48)

  • Christianna’s childhood background and relationship with religion (21:26)

  • Building a relationship with nature and land (25:26)

  • Christianna’s introduction to the Tarot (28:12)

  • Learning the Tarot—self-study vs. taking courses—and using it as a tool for self-healing (33:18)

  • The origin of the name Crone of Wands (39:35)

  • Christianna’s journey to using the Tarot after the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and coming to the realization that she didn’t want to read the Tarot professionally (42:53)

  • The creation of Born Under a Bad Sign (47:46)

  • Cristianna’s relationship with The Tower (55:24)

  • Moving through The Devil and The Chariot (57:14)

  • Working through the lessons of the Seven of Cups (1:01:59)

  • The medicine of the Page of Cups (1:07:13)


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40. Trauma and the Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Lesson about how to utilize the Tarot for mental health and healing trauma. In this episode, Lindsay dives deep on how she worked with the Tarot during her darkest days with her PTSD (and her not so dark, still difficult days), using it to help her to determine what her brain was believing in moments of trauma, and what the truth of the soul was underneath the contraction.

“When there is the presence of trauma, and when there is the idea that anything is too big for the body to process at once, we need an anchor.”

This episode offers ways to begin considering Tarot as a profound ally and anchor for mental contraction or brain chemistry, helping us to identify our brain from our soul, and then how to wisely respond to our circumstances from a centered place. Using Tarot in this way also helps us to safely honor and bow to the “brain stuff” and the trauma, rather than trying to push it away. This is the foundation of Lindsay’s work with the Tarot, and she is very honored to be able to share this with anyone who it could serve.

“Trauma simply is information and the Tarot is really an invitation into evolving and expanding through any contraction at any moment.”



  • Lindsay’s own history with trauma and abuse (1:44)

  • How the Tarot came into Lindsay’s life as an anchor during her darkest days with her PTSD (7:19)

  • Finding an anchor and the practice of anchoring using the Tarot (9:26)

  • Feelings vs. facts and how the Tarot can help us find clarity (24:21)

  • How to use the Tarot to process trauma, trauma-friendly questions to ask the Tarot + a suggested Tarot spread for working through trauma (53:30)


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