37. Programming for a New Paradigm with Erin Aquarian

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Erin Aquarian, aka, Full Time Witch! She is an intuitive healer, spiritual artist, teacher, and mentor based in Portland, OR. She is also the creator of TAROT TV, where she creates amazingly in-depth and unique videos of spirituality and Tarot and is in a band called Void Realm.

“We all just pick up on different things from the cards. There’s no fundamentalist dogma in Tarot.” -Erin Aquarian

Together, Erin and I dive into coaching and coaching programs and how the Tarot is the most ancient life coach. We talk about Erin’s incredible offerings of Tarot TV and her guided meditations, some deep medicine around the Justice and High Priestess cards, and the importance of creativity and music as a practice for all people.

“I like to think of the Tarot as being the most ancient life coach.” -Erin Aquarian



  • Announcing the return of Lindsay’s Swords Tarot Course (3:42)

  • Her Tarot journey — the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck, how she taught herself, and how she began to offer powerful healing readings for the collective awakening (7:26)

  • The deep problems (and blessings!) of coaching, and coaching programs (15:37)

  • The creation of Tarot TV: Programming for a New Paradigm (30:41)

  • Erin’s deep medicine around the Justice and High Priestess Cards for the year (37:23)

  • Erin’s spell card (42:57)

  • DIY healing guided meditations (55:31)

  • Erin’s band, Void Realm, how that has been a tool and part of her practice, and how being an artist and creative is important for all people (1:03:47)


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36. Ask a Tarot Reader with Mystical Mandrake Root

It’s that time again! This is the second installment of our very special segment, ASK A TAROT READER, co-hosted with Anais of Mystical Mandrake Root!

“For anyone out there who is an illustrator or an artist and you want to honor your culture or ancestors and you’ve been thinking about doing a deck—do a deck!” -Mystical Mandrake Root

In today’s ASK A TAROT READER, Anais and I get together to answer your questions about the Tarot, magic, spirituality, and more!



  • Making through Aries season and the Scorpio Full Moon and how different moons affect us in different ways (0:54)

  • Anais’s joy in a subscription box to solve murders (5:22)

  • How to make your Tarot and healing practice as intersectional as possible (11:06)

  • Coping with cultural appropriation or problematic aspects in Tarot decks + tips for finding mindful and respectful Tarot decks (27:01)

  • Some medicine on the Three of Swords and Ten of Swords when you don’t resonate with the doom and gloom message as described in the guidebooks (48:03)

  • How to work through energetic exhaustion or overtaxing yourself when you give Tarot readings (51:36)

  • How to build a consistent Tarot practice and what to do when you just aren’t “feeling it” #notfeelingmagicalallthetime (1:04:42)

  • How to frame questions for the Tarot that make room for clear answers (1:07:31)


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35. Finding Self Awareness with Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Rashunda Tramble, the creator of Stay Woke Tarot! She is an African-American immigrant living in Switzerland, who holds a BA in Film, an MA in Creative Media Practice, and is a member of Mensa! She reads Tarot, writes, and is the creator of Stay Woke Tarot.

“In the spiritual world—and for those of us who are spiritual practitioners—we kind of esoteric ourselves out of real life, but sometimes we gotta just break it down to life.” -Rashunda Tramble

Together we dive into Rashunda’s introduction to Tarot, the beautiful writing and wisdom she shares through Stay Work Tarot, and some deep Tarot medicine around the Death card, Tower card, Judgement card, and the High Priestess.

“Tarot is a tool, and as I worked on myself by using Tarot, it helped my Tarot practice grow.” -Rashunda Tramble



  • Moving into Taurus seasons (0:24)

  • Some of Lindsay’s favorite blog posts from Rashunda (2:06)

  • Rashunda’s experience growing up in Memphis, spiritual journey, and her introduction to the Tarot (7:22)

  • How Rashunda learned the Tarot, resources she used in a largely pre-internet time, the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck (through an interview subject from Rash’s days as a reporter!), & how she taught herself (14:55)

  • How Rashunda began to give Tarot readings to others (20:39)

  • Rashunda’s writing and blogging journey and how she weaves her beautiful writing with the Tarot (23:24)

  • How Stay Woke Tarot was born, her writing on the concept of #blackgirlmagic, and if there’s a book in her future (27:42)

  • Rashunda’s relationship with the Death card and the Tower card in the Tarot (44:51)

  • Transiting through Judgement (49:29)

  • Her deep, soul work with the High Priestess, both personally and in her work as a Tarot reader (53:41)


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34. MONTHLY MEDICINE: May is Let There Be Light

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of May. The sacred mantra for this month is LET THERE BE LIGHT.

“May is a month of all these different sparks in the dark that will ignite all these new journeys in our lives.”

May is a month of light bearing, of flame keeping, of sparks in the dark that ignite a whole new journey in our lives. It is a month of creativity, new ventures, new loves and New experiences. We have done the work in the cave, in the dark, in the void — now, we are reborn, renewed, refreshed, ready to create from this new place. We’re moving forward with Tarot medicine from the Three of Wands, Queen of Swords, King of Wands, and Six of Cups.



  • The medicine of Beltane (or Samhain for my folks in the Southern Hemisphere!) and how to honor and celebrate this season (0:24)

  • The mantra of May: Let there be light + how this month will provide us with the perfect platform to create, expand, and evolve. It is a cosmic fresh start (9:02)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead—the medicine of the month: Three of Wands (25:20)

  • What we’re leaving in April: Queen of Swords (31:48)

  • What we’re moving through in May: King of Wands (34:14)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Six of Cups (37:33)

  • This month’s astrological influences: the medicine of the New Moon in Taurus on May 15th, Uranus shifting into Taurus on May 16th—The Fool centered around Hierophant, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29th (40:23)

  • The significance of moving from Taurus (THE HIEROPHANT) to Gemini (THE LOVERS) in the month of May (46:05)


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33. The Kings of the Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Lesson around The Court Cards with Lindsay — today is all about THE KINGS. We drop into every one of these fiery rulers of the outer realms. This episode explores these archetypes as invitations to step out into our dharma, to activate our courage, and embody our inner fire.

“The Kings are the leaders—that is what makes a king in the Tarot different from any other court card.”

We’re diving deep into the Earth-Fire energy of the King of Pentacles, the Water-Fire energy of the King of Cups, the Air-Fire energy of the King of Swords, and the double fire energy of the King of Wands.

“Any time you pull a King, you’re being asked to take a part of yourself out to someone else.”



  • Moving from Aries to Taurus + the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio (0:50)

  • Ungendering The Kings in the Tarot (2:43)

  • The Kings as the leader archetype in the Tarot (4:32)

  • Divorcing the Kings from the patriarchal ideal of leadership (8:01)

  • The King of Pentacles in the Tarot and its connection with the Wheel of Fortune (10:05)

  • The King of Cups in the Tarot (23:46)

  • The King of Swords in the Tarot (27:12)

  • The King of Wands in the Tarot and its connection with the Fool, the Magician, the Emperor, and the Sun (31:58)


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32. The Myth of Manifestation with Corinna Rosella of Rise Up! Good Witch

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Corinna Rosella, aka, Rise Up! Good Witch! Corinna is a self-proclaimed 'good magic witch' living in Humboldt County, California. She uses wildcrafted and garden grown herbs to make magical plant medicine, and uses eight years of in-depth tarot insight to tell folks stories about their barriers and setbacks. She is also the host of She is a Tarot reader, teacher, folk herbalist, and host of the Rise Up! Good Witch Podcast.

“We have to acknowledge the fact that there are bigger structures in our world that operate beyond any type of spiritual belief or faith.” -Corinna Rosella

Together we’re diving into using witchcraft as a way to heal and elevate your community, the myth and shadow side of attributing things to manifestation, Corinna’s beautiful relationship with herbal medicine, and of course some Tarot medicine around the Eight of Cups, the Hanged Man, and the Wheel of Fortune.

“You don’t grow and you don’t create without being vulnerable to your own pain.” -Corinna Rosella



  • Life updates from Lindsay + lessons from a High Priestess / Justice / Strength year and Mercury Retrograde (1:54)

  • Corinna’s Tarot journey — the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck during her Saturn Return, how she taught herself, and how she began to offer readings (15:07)

  • Where the name Rise Up! Good Witch came from (25:31)

  • The myth and shadow side of manifestation, and how misunderstanding it can create separation and pain, especially within the spiritual community (27:28)

  • The powerful story of how Corinna began to make and connect with herbal medicine (45:18)

  • Transiting through the Eight of Cups (55:56)

  • Understanding the Hanged Man and the Wheel of Fortune (1:02:43)


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31. MONTHLY MEDICINE: April is The Mirror

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of April. The sacred mantra for this month is THE MIRROR. April is a month of clearing, of releasing, and of immense, bone-deep reflections. We are looking into our very core this month, opening our eyes to changes, to new opportunities, and to letting go of things that are not serving us.

“We cannot really evolve unless we’re willing to reflect and unless we’re willing to let the external show us and help us to see where it’s time to upgrade.”

The “letting go” in April is massive, and is connected to the great medicine of Mercury Rx — April, and the sign of Aries (The Emperor), represent great expansion, birth, and new growth. What needs to die in order for us to bloom forward? There is some very significant weeding going on in our gardens in the early part of April. We might get no’s when we were hoping to hear yes. We might have to keep waiting. If that’s the case, it is the beginning of a great shift. Life is lifting us out of situations, commitments and paradigms that are not in alignment for us, that our ego might want, but our soul doesn’t. This is a powerful reset. Looking in The Mirror will help us to see new opportunities, to seize our freedom, to get clear on what we want and what we don’t want, and to see who we are becoming, what we are growing into. We get to ask ourselves whether we need to polish our mirror, or whether we keep wishing our mirror reflected something different to us — no matter what, it is a month ripe with opportunities to see, to focus, and to look deeply into ourselves and our lives, all so we can get clear on where we are being guided with deep medicine from the King of Swords, the Devil, the Empress RX, and the Five of Cups.

“We cannot have a birth without a death. To look into a mirror of what is happening externally and internally allows us to be co-creators in that sacred death process.”



  • Transition from March to April, from Pisces to Aries and how this month’s channeled mantra came through (3:03)

  • The sacred mantra for April is THE MIRROR. How to “look in the mirror” this month, honoring the reflections that are being presented to us during this cycle for our growth, awareness and knowledge. We have a choice: we can either deeply accept what the Mirror shows us, bowing to the wisdom of the moment, or we can begin to polish our mirror, shifting our relationship with ourselves and our lives. (5:43)

  • The medicine and gifts of the Mercury Retrograde in Aries (13:08)

  • April might be a month of active rejections that are actually gifts—letting go and allowing examination in the mirror (15:39)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead—the medicine of the month: King of Swords (32:34)

  • The medicine of the Full Moon in Libra on March 31st, the New Moon in Aries on April 15th, and the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th (33:21)

  • The medicine of the month: King of Swords (39:40)

  • What we’re moving through in April: The Devil (41:54)

  • What we are leaving behind in March: The Empress reversed (47:55)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Five of Cups (49:31)

  • The significance of moving from Aries (THE EMPEROR) to Taurus (THE HIEROPHANT) in the month of April (54:10)


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30. Spring Equinox Magic with Heidi Rose Robbins

This episode is a very special Wild Soul Interview with astrologer, Heidi Rose Robbins, to honor the Spring Equinox! Heidi is an esoteric astrologer, poet, podcaster and leader of Radiant Life Retreats. As a poet, Heidi has shared her original work at two TedX events in Los Angeles. Her poetry book, This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty, was published in 2013 to enthusiastic reviews. The Radiance Project, her new podcast, combines her love of astrology, poetry, and good company.

“The moment that we begin to look out into the world and decide that we have something to give and that we want to help another grow, we have entered the realm of soul.” -Heidi Rose Robbins

Today we’re connecting to Tarot a little bit, but we’re mostly diving into astrology—what it means to practice soul-centered astrology, balancing “future” readings and free will, challenging aspects of a chart, and working with astrological charts and elements intergenerationally.

“Astrology is the dance of your free will meeting a really powerful map.” -Heidi Rose Robbins



  • Welcoming Spring, Ostara, and the Spring Equinox (0:24)

  • How Heidi became immersed in astrology as a young child, and how she became introduced to it by her father (6:52)

  • What does it mean to offer soul-centered astrology — how Heidi learned, taught herself, developed a practice and began to lead beautiful retreats (14:40)

  • Working with “the future” and balancing free will in astrology readings (18:22)

  • Heidi’s journey to reading astrology professionally (24:05)

  • Leading people through astrology embodiment (25:25)

  • Challenging and medicinal aspects of Heidi’s own astrological chart (30:23)

  • Heidi’s journey with Tarot, and how she became introduced to it (35:01)

  • A little astrological medicine around Aries, Taurus, and the Spring Equinox (40:08)

  • Working with astrological charts intergenerationally (48:22)

  • Heidi’s poetry work (53:53)


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More from Heidi Rose Robbins:

29. The Queens, The High Priestess & The Empress of the Tarot

“The High Priestess, the Empress, and the queens are not necessarily women. They represent an archetypal frequency that invites us into ourselves.”

This episode is a continued Wild Soul Lesson around The Court Cards with Lindsay — today is all about THE QUEENS. We drop into every one of these watery rulers of the inner realms, and dive into the medicine of THE HIGH PRIESTESS and THE EMPRESS. This episode explores all six of these archetypes as invitations into our intuitive knowing, into self trust, and receiving. We also spend a little time on the energy of the upcoming New Moon in Pisces! It’s a good one.

“If we are not taking that space to receive, it can be hard to be consistent as an intuitive.”


  • New Moon in Pisces - a reclamation of childhood magic (1:50)

  • The invitation of the queens of the Tarot, the High Priestess, and the Empress (3:32)

  • The Empress (5:35)

  • The High Priestess (7:29)

  • The archetype of the Queens in the Tarot, the inner realm, and the element of water (9:27)

  • The Queen of Swords: the cave of boundaries, sacred communication, and deep protection of self (21:52)

  • The Queen of Cups: the cave of mystery, the deepest part of the heart, and the deepest part of the self (27:17)

  • The Queen of Wands: the cave of magic, sexuality, and intuition—the witch of the Tarot (32:30)

  • The Queen of Pentacles: the cave of the body (37:40)

  • The connection of the High Priestess and the Empress with the queens of the Tarot (43:43)


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28. The Flaming Skull with Nicole Mayefske of Big Mouth Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Nicole Mayefske, aka Big Mouth Tarot! Nicole is a Twin Cities-based queer Tarot reader and Reiki I practitioner. Nicole is an extraordinary writer, an exceptional reader, and a magnificent human being — it was such a joy to have her on the podcast.

“I love Tarot for the very you do you aspect of it.” -Nicole Mayefske

In this episode we’re digging into all the things—from the need to create a Tarot director of readers across the country (which Nicole is now working on!) to burnout as a Tarot reader with some powerful Tarot medicine around The Sun, The Tower, and the Queen of Wands, and the importance creating a Tarot learning and reading environment on your own terms.

“Some of the best ways I’ve learned some of the Tarot cards is pulling them during very traumatic parts in my life.” -Nicole Mayefske



  • The Tarot scene in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities area + how there needs to be a Tarot directory for the readers across the country (6:50)

  • Her Tarot journey — how she came to find her first deck, how she taught herself, and how she chose her teachers (14:20)

  • Burn out, day jobs, and the importance of boundaries with Tarot readings (29:15)

  • Coming to Tarot and learning the Tarot in your own way vs. getting caught up in the ritual and “dogma” of how you’re “supposed to” do it (36:46)

  • Nicole’s written posts about the Tarot (46:00)

  • Transiting through The Sun card (55:50)

  • Chariot vs. The Tower card of the year (58:25)

  • Developing an understanding for The Hanged Man, The Moon, Temperance, and Wheel of Fortune (1:05:13)

  • Medicine story for the Queen of Wands and her connection with Vasilisa (1:12:37)

  • Using pop culture references in Tarot readings (1:20:12)


"Vasilisa the Beautiful" by Ivan Bilibin

"Vasilisa the Beautiful" by Ivan Bilibin

27. MONTHLY MEDICINE: March is Trust and Allow

March is a month of deep changes, of birth and death, of going from seed to tree. In this month, we experience two Full Moons, one New Moon, a Mercury Rx in Aries, and the Equinox, our first Solstice of the year. We move from Pisces (The Moon) to Aries (The Emperor) in March, essentially starting our new year through a deep, nature-centered lens. We are moving through a contraction/expansion process, and a massive detoxification process, shedding old forms of ego, identity and people pleasing.

“There’s a trusting and allowing with allowing ourselves to trust the wisdom of our bodies and allowing whatever comes through the body to direct our next move rather than having it come from a logical place.”

We are becoming more of ourselves, continuing to do so in relative mystery. We are learning to Trust and Allow through listening to ourselves, examining our relationship to our intuition, to our body’s communication, and to our growth and willingness to evolve through what we are handed. We are letting go in a big way, opening ourselves to greater opportunities, and lovely surprises.

“When we are committed to listening and actually hearing what it is that our inner yes and our inner no is guiding us to, we begin to show up as a great, stronger, more mature force for change in the world.”



  • The mantra of the month: Trust and Allow. How we can begin to Trust ourselves, our intuition, our decisions, and our bodies more than we ever thought possible, and how we can begin to Allow more fully, letting go of control and the need to know where we are going (0:59)

  • Astrology of the month: Full Moon in Virgo (20:36)

  • The significance of moving from Pisces (THE MOON) to Aries (THE EMPEROR) in the month of March (24:37)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for March — the Medicine of the Month: The Moon (26:29)

  • What we are leaving behind in February: Four of Cups (32:56)

  • What we will be moving through in March: Ace of Wands (38:25)

  • Astrology of the month: The New Moon in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde in Aries, and the Spring Equinox (43:04)

  • Aries and The Emperor of the Tarot as an ungendered sacred masculine + an invitation to take up space and be seen (47:39)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Queen of Cups Reversed


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26. Tarot as a Folk Practice with Tessa Giberson of City Witch

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Tessa Giberson, who is an amazingly gifted tarot reader, city witch, and zinester based in Ottawa, Canada. I had the honor of connecting with Tess both as fellow readers on Instagram, but also because they are one of my Tarot students!

“So much of Tarot for me has felt like a coming back to something. Studying Tarot was just giving me language for concepts I already knew.” -Tessa Giberson

Tess approaches Tarot as a spiralic, revolutionary tool to transform the collective, and truly lives that message. In this episode, we’re diving into the folk knowledge of the Tarot, using Tarot as a tool through mental health struggle, boundaries and consent when it comes to Tarot, and some beautiful medicine around The Empress, The Sun, and the Queen of Wands RX. They bring such profound wisdom, clarity, grace, and power to this interview — I am so excited for everyone to be nourished by it!

“I am fucking magic and it isn’t something that I have to earn or learn or study books to figure out. Magic is my birthright.” -Tessa Giberson



  • How Tess found Tarot on their path + how Caliban and the Witch, a book written by Sylvia Federici, has deeply impacted their journey as a Witch and Tarot reader (8:00)

  • How important it has been to break out of the paradigm that you have to study for 20 years to begin to read for people (not true!) (11:52)

  • Understanding and connecting to the Tarot as a tool through mental health struggle (15:42)

  • Boundaries, consent, folk wisdom, showing up for readings in contraction, and how important it is not to attach to whether the client “liked” the reading or not (so important!) (31:53)

  • The challenges of transiting through The Empress and reframing them outside the gender binary (43:48)

  • Tarot as a revolutionary tool (52:21)

  • The challenges with The Sun in the Tarot (1:05:08)

  • Transiting through the Queen of Wands Reversed (1:10:04)

Tarot Resources mentioned:


More from Tessa Giberson:

25. The Knights of the Tarot

This episode is a continued Wild Soul Lesson around The Court Cards with Lindsay, where she talks all about The Knights, the sacred air-energy movers of the Tarot. She also dives into the intensely powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

“The Knights bring a kind of invisible directive approach to how we’re being invited to move.”


  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius - a time of observation (1:08)

  • How the Knights function in the Tarot (15:30)

  • The Knight of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles are about the speed of movement (20:46)

  • The Knight of Wands and the Knight of Cups are about the quality of movement (22:02)

  • The Knight of Swords (25:20)

  • The Knight of Pentacles (28:39)

  • The Knight of Wands (30:53)

  • The Knight of Cups (35:54)

  • How to use the Knights of the Tarot (38:57)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

24. Creating Representation in Tarot with Courtney Alexander of Dust || Onyx

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Courtney Alexander, the creator of Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot! I am so honored to talk with Courtney about the creation of this incredible deck. Courtney shares how as an African-American unable to trace her ancestry beyond a few decades, and how creating this deck helped her gather the shards of her identity that once felt scattered and merge the multitude of intersections within black culture.

“Your darker self is not a part of you that you get rid of, but it’s a part of you that you heal. So that part of you can stay with you, but not be a detriment to you.” -Courtney Alexander

Courtney shares the epic story of how this tarot deck came to be, some powerful work around the Death card, and what it took to fund this project through Kickstarter.


  • Courtney’s search for Tarot decks that represented her as a person of color, and how that fueled her journey to creating her own: the Dust || Onyx: A Melanated Tarot (8:00)

  • The EPIC story of how Dust II Onyx Tarot came to be, and how Courtney went on a profound experience of soul death and rebirth on the way to making it (20:39)

  • Working on the Death Tarot card and working through fears surrounding death (31:12)

  • Some astrology talk + the placement of some of Courtney’s planets (44:21)

  • Creating a Kickstarter campaign for the Dust || Onyx Tarot deck + the creation & production process (46:55)

  • Where the name Dust II Onyx came from (1:04:57)

  • The second edition of Dust II Onyx + the sponsor a deck program (1:08:45)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

More from Courtney Alexander:

23. MONTHLY MEDICINE: February is Blossoming in the Void

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of February. The sacred mantra for this month is BLOSSOMING IN THE VOID with Tarot medicine from The Moon, the Five of Swords, the Six of Swords, and the King of Wands.

“If we are available to stand in the unknown and be there, we actually get to process the big feelings so we are clearer and fuller and more available to move forward in our lives.”

February’s deepest invitation to us is to embrace the unknown. This month, we will be asked to celebrate the Void, to befriend Great Mystery, to honor the chaotic wisdom of our Universe. We will be reminded that life is a spiral, and we do not need to wait for circumstances to be perfect to bloom open, celebrating and embodying joy, expansion and forward momentum. In February, we will gain the perspective and awareness that will allow us to blossom in spite of—and even because of—the mystery of this life of ours.


  • The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo and its callback to the “Great American Eclipse” in August (3:54)

  • The medicine & mantra of February: Blossoming in the Void (19:00)

  • How we can rest in the unknown (36:50)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading - Medicine of the month: The Moon (40:21)

  • What we are leaving behind in January: Five of Swords (46:42)

  • What we are moving through in February: Six of Swords (53:38)

  • Gentle message from Divine: King of Wands (58:36)

  • The medicine of Imbolc (1:00:17)

  • The significance of moving from Aquarius (the Star in the Tarot) to Pisces (the Moon in the Tarot) in the month of February (1:02:55)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

22. Bringing the Tarot into the Body with Jeff Hinshaw of Brooklyn Fools

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Jeff Hinshaw, aka Brooklyn Tarot, the creator of Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and Cosmic Cousins podcast! Jeff is truly a member of my soul family, and it was such a joy to not only receive his deep wisdom, but to catch up with him from his tent in Hawaii!

“Don’t put yourself in a box with your Tarot practice. Allow it to ebb and flow.” -Jeff Hinshaw

There is SO MUCH medicine and goodness dropped into this episode — you’re going to love it. Together we explore allowing your Tarot practice (and teaching) to ebb and flow, using the Chakra system to connect the Tarot cards to your body, embodying the Tarot archetypes, and the creation of Brooklyn Fools and Cosmic Cousins.

“Tarot is such a powerful practice because it is a tool for the Third Eye and if you’re interested in the Tarot, it’s probably because your Third Eye is one of your power centers.” -Jeff Hinshaw


  • The shift into Aquarius season—moving from The Devil to The Star (0:25)

  • The name Trash Canyon, the exploration of names and identity, and embodying The Fool (8:36)

  • How his relationship with his Tarot deck has shifted and changed along with his personal evolution and growth (he is currently in a High Priestess place with his deck — more on that in the episode!) (13:45)

  • His journey from full time professional Tarot reader in NYC to living at Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii—moving from The Chariot to Strength (18:38)

  • How Jeff uses the Chakra system to deepen his connection with the Court Cards with the example of the Knight of Cups (26:00)

  • Tools Jeff used to soothe panic attacks—breath, acupuncture, and yoga (33:00)

  • Jeff’s use of astrology and the powerful transit of Pluto in Scorpio + the Judgement and Death cards (37:38)

  • How Jeff birthed and created the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and Cosmic Cousins (46:45)

  • Jeff as The Fool, Lindsay as the High Priestess, and the healing of the Two of Cups for both of these archetypes (55:34)

  • Jeff’s journey in creating the Cosmic Cousins podcast (1:02:33)

  • How Jeff found the Tarot (1:07:50)

  • The year of no waste (1:11:24)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

More from Jeff Hinshaw:

21. The Pages of the Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Lesson with Lindsay, where she talks all about The Pages. This is the first installment out of four episodes of the podcast that will work through The Court Cards.

“The Court Cards are some of the most highly subjective cards in the Tarot because they look different in every day. There is not one way to interpret them.”

Lindsay dives into the medicine of the Court Cards of the Tarot as a whole and how we can apply elementation to help us deepen our understanding of them. In this episode, we’re diving in the Pages of the Tarot (the Earth element) and the wisdom of the inner child they bring us.

“I believe that the Court Cards are the master-level energies in the flow of the Tarot.”


  • The New Moon in Capricorn (0:27)

  • Introduction to the medicine of the Court Cards and how they are rarely representative of other people (4:07)

  • Double elementation, and how that can help us to understand these cards more intimately: Pages as Earth element (19:12)

  • The Page of Cups: an invitation to play and activate the imagination as the inner child (27:30)

  • The Page of Wands: working with enormous creative energy by taking a sacred pause (32:09)

  • The Page of Swords: the archetype of the young hero (37:12)

  • The Page of Pentacles: the seeker and finding depth (43:21)

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20. The Intuitive Tarot Journey with Tatianna Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with the amazing and incomparable Tatianna Morales, aka Tatianna Tarot! Tatianna is a magnificently gifted intuitive Tarot reader, healer, teacher and writer, based in New Orleans. It was such an honor to have her on as the first guest of the new year!

“The Four of Swords reminds me that you do more in a relaxing state than a state of being the Queen of Wands all the time.” -Tatianna Morales

Tatianna offers deep medicine around setting energetic boundaries as a Tarot reader or spiritual worker, insights into the Magician, Four of Swords, Queen of Wands, and the Empress, and incredible stories and insights into motherhood and listening to the calling to move to New Orleans.

“If you can’t take care of yourself then no one else around you gets taken care of.” -Tatianna Morales


  • Welcoming in the New Year: a High Priestess + Justice year (0:24)

  • How Tatianna’s life, intuitive channel and spiritual practices have changed since becoming a mama three months ago (9:40)

  • Tatianna’s amazing story about how she was intuitively guided to move from Brooklyn to New Orleans (15:45)

  • Tatianna’s journey as an intuitive, beginning from reading fortunes with playing cards as a kid in school, to this moment, as a professional reader and healer (29:56)

  • Tatianna’s collective Tarot readings on her Instagram (43:09)

  • Other modalities, gifts, and connections woven into Tatianna’s Tarot work (48:04)

  • The Magician as Tatianna’s soul card that has guided her path for many years (52:47)

  • Deep medicine around the Queen of Wands and Four of Swords (59:09)

  • Moving through the Four of Swords and The Empress (1:02:44)

  • How Tatianna has developed amazing energetic boundaries over the years (1:04:07)

  • Utilizing ancestral connections to create boundaries and peace (1:11:18)

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19. MONTHLY MEDICINE: January is Upgrade

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an hour long channeled forecast for the month of January. The sacred mantra for this month is UPGRADE.

“Upgrading is about being willing to consider that there can be an easier and graceful way—a better way—to get from point A to point Z.”

In December, we crossed many bridges of the soul, leaving behind old patterns and cycles for more aligned landscapes. That work continues in January, in an even more rooted way. We are ready, collectively and individually, to upgrade. We are ready to ask for more, for better, for what we are truly worth. It will no longer work to make our choices from lack, fear, or desperation — we must trace our steps, look at any areas of our life where we are compromising, or believing that we cannot do better, and choose differently. Doing so will drastically alter the course of our year. It is a powerful step, a perfect one to bring us into 2018, year of the High Priestess.


  • The sacred mantra of January is UPGRADE: How we can work with the theme of upgrading in our lives, both individually and collectively (8:48)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for January—Medicine of the month: Eight of Cups (26:08)

  • What we are leaving in December: Five of Pentacles (30:44)

  • What we will be moving through in January: Strength (35:15)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Justice (39:55)

  • How 2018 is a High Priestess/Justice year, and how we can connect with this for our deepest expansion (47:57)

  • The Full in Cancer & New Moon in Capricorn of January (57:28)

  • The significance of moving from Capricorn (THE DEVIL) to Aquarius (THE STAR) in the month of January (1:00:35)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

18. Ask a Tarot Reader with Mystical Mandrake Root

Today’s episode is a very special new segment, called ASK A TAROT READER! Lindsay is joined by special returning guest, Mystical Mandrake Root, to answer your questions about the Tarot, magic, your spiritual practice, and more!

“The wonderful thing about the metaphysical, magical world that we’re in is that there are a lot of healing tools you can throw into one basket, so the Tarot can just be one of them.” -Mystical Mandrake Root


  • Mercury Retrograde and how we’re hanging in (3:41)

  • Astrological dominance in your chart (13:03)

  • Lindsay and Mystical Mandrake Root’s Saturn Return experiences + family trauma (29:07)

  • Am I good enough to pursue my dream even though I have no background in it? (46:05)

  • When doing back-to-back Tarot readings, do you feel like the medicine of the day reappears for several clients? (49:49)

  • How do you use Tarot to facilitate your healing experience from past trauma? (52:31)

  • How do you pick your own Tarot deck? (1:03:37)

  • What is the best way to learn Tarot? (1:08:45)

  • How to do Tarot readings on yourself (1:11:00)

  • Are you supposed to feel something when you have your own Tarot deck? (1:12:42)

  • Favorite tips for beginner Tarot readers: deciphering between intuition and imagination, how long it takes to learn all the Tarot cards, daily Tarot pulls, overcoming negativity when going public about reading Tarot, how to read Tarot card reversals, Tarot reading process (1:18:35)

  • What Tarot spreads do you use with clients? How do you deal with challenging cards in a future position? (1:33:28)

  • Do you have a different interpretation for different Tarot cards in different decks? (1:40:22)

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