39. Activate Your Destiny Through Tarot with Alia Walston

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Chicago based intuitive Tarot reader, educator and healer, Alia Walston! Alia is a former student of mine, someone who I love and cherish — she is amazing, and brought big time magic and medicine to this interview.

“We have to have our painful journies to get to where we are, but it doesn’t have to be only a journey of pain. We don’t have to be limited by what our brain is telling us.”

Alia’s work with Tarot and astrology is to help liberate folks from old paradigms of victimhood, scarcity, and fear. Her healing practice centers on intuitively channeled conversations with clients in order to give them the tools to make informed choices in alignment with their true soul’s purpose. So in this interview, we’re talking about how Tarot can be a tool of empowerment and self-discovery plus some deep medicine around The Fool, Judgement, the Seven of Cups, Temperance, and the Moon.

“The more I live in alignment with my true self, the more magic and opportunities keep happening.”



  • Lindsay and Alia’s history (0:35)

  • Alia’s Tarot (and Astrology!) journey — the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck, how she taught herself, and how she began to offer powerful healing readings for the collective awakening (9:05)

  • The journey of Alia realizing that she was an intuitive, and how addiction played a huge role in her suppression that gift (14:39)

  • The story of how Tarot came into Alia’s life and her favorite Tarot decks she’s using right now (30:00)

  • How Alia started giving Tarot readings to other people and finding the “permission” to read for others (36:33)

  • How Alia likes to give Tarot and astrological readings (40:27)

  • The Fool as an invitation to put yourself out there (46:01)

  • Alia’s deep medicine around the Judgement card and how it relates to Trump (48:58)

  • Understanding the Seven of Cups (52:39)

  • Moving through and reclaiming yourself through Temperance in the Tarot (1:00:14)

  • Experiencing a sacred medicine moment with the Moon card (1:06:34)


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