47. A Warm Washcloth with Alisha Cigalotti of The Well Tarot

Today I am so honored to welcome Alisha Cigalotti queer witch, intuitive, tarot reader, nurse practitioner, and creator of The Well Tarot on the podcast, but first, I have some words for how our bodies might be reacting in this deeply clearing eclipse and retrograde season.

"Everyone needs a wet washcloth on their forehead." -Alisha Cigalotti

In my interview with Alisha, we discuss the deep lessons in the Motherpeace Tarot, how the tarot can be a profound tool for healing from trauma, the medicine of The Well, working with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and Alisha’s relationship with the King of Pentacles and The Tower.

"Much like everyone’s life, the story of the Tarot doesn’t just go from start to finish." -Alisha Cigalotti


  • Feelings in the body with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, Mars Squares, Uranus aspects, and Mercury Retrograde (1:42)

  • 2018 as a physical year in a High Priestess / Justice year (19:36)

  • More info about the Tarot for the Wild Soul course (20:36)

  • Introducing Alisha Cigalotti (28:01)

  • Alisha’s tarot and witch birth story (37:08)

  • Alisha’s relationship with the Motherpeace Tarot (41:24)

  • Healing with tarot through trauma (55:17)

  • What does the medicine of The Well mean?(1:06:30)

  • King of Pentacles as Alisha’s greatest tarot ally (1:11:54)

  • The Tower as a shadow tarot ally (1:15:35)

  • Alisha’s experience working with Dr. Estés (1:25:50)


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