18. Ask a Tarot Reader with Mystical Mandrake Root

Today’s episode is a very special new segment, called ASK A TAROT READER! Lindsay is joined by special returning guest, Mystical Mandrake Root, to answer your questions about the Tarot, magic, your spiritual practice, and more!

“The wonderful thing about the metaphysical, magical world that we’re in is that there are a lot of healing tools you can throw into one basket, so the Tarot can just be one of them.” -Mystical Mandrake Root


  • Mercury Retrograde and how we’re hanging in (3:41)

  • Astrological dominance in your chart (13:03)

  • Lindsay and Mystical Mandrake Root’s Saturn Return experiences + family trauma (29:07)

  • Am I good enough to pursue my dream even though I have no background in it? (46:05)

  • When doing back-to-back Tarot readings, do you feel like the medicine of the day reappears for several clients? (49:49)

  • How do you use Tarot to facilitate your healing experience from past trauma? (52:31)

  • How do you pick your own Tarot deck? (1:03:37)

  • What is the best way to learn Tarot? (1:08:45)

  • How to do Tarot readings on yourself (1:11:00)

  • Are you supposed to feel something when you have your own Tarot deck? (1:12:42)

  • Favorite tips for beginner Tarot readers: deciphering between intuition and imagination, how long it takes to learn all the Tarot cards, daily Tarot pulls, overcoming negativity when going public about reading Tarot, how to read Tarot card reversals, Tarot reading process (1:18:35)

  • What Tarot spreads do you use with clients? How do you deal with challenging cards in a future position? (1:33:28)

  • Do you have a different interpretation for different Tarot cards in different decks? (1:40:22)

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