36. Ask a Tarot Reader with Mystical Mandrake Root

It’s that time again! This is the second installment of our very special segment, ASK A TAROT READER, co-hosted with Anais of Mystical Mandrake Root!

“For anyone out there who is an illustrator or an artist and you want to honor your culture or ancestors and you’ve been thinking about doing a deck—do a deck!” -Mystical Mandrake Root

In today’s ASK A TAROT READER, Anais and I get together to answer your questions about the Tarot, magic, spirituality, and more!



  • Making through Aries season and the Scorpio Full Moon and how different moons affect us in different ways (0:54)

  • Anais’s joy in a subscription box to solve murders (5:22)

  • How to make your Tarot and healing practice as intersectional as possible (11:06)

  • Coping with cultural appropriation or problematic aspects in Tarot decks + tips for finding mindful and respectful Tarot decks (27:01)

  • Some medicine on the Three of Swords and Ten of Swords when you don’t resonate with the doom and gloom message as described in the guidebooks (48:03)

  • How to work through energetic exhaustion or overtaxing yourself when you give Tarot readings (51:36)

  • How to build a consistent Tarot practice and what to do when you just aren’t “feeling it” #notfeelingmagicalallthetime (1:04:42)

  • How to frame questions for the Tarot that make room for clear answers (1:07:31)


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