6. Astrology & Tarot for Self-Empowerment with Mystical Mandrake Root

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Anais of Mystical Mandrake Root! Anais is an intuitive astrologer, tarot reader, artist, writer, earth witch, and founder of Mystical Mandrake Root. This woman is pure light and wisdom, and she offers the most amazing kernels of truth in this episode and Tarot medicine around the High Priestess, the Queen of Swords, coming to terms with the Hierophant and Emperor, and being stalked by the Hanged Man—it's a must listen.

“A placement doesn’t necessarily dictate a bad situation your whole life, it’s about getting through it.” -Mystical Mandrake Root

Plus, I share a very special announcement (Brand new online Tarot Immersion! WUT WUT!), and chat a lil bit about the Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury going direct.

“The battle scars you get through life connect you to the Queen of Swords. Sometimes you do have to be thorny.” -Mystical Mandrake Root


  • Full Moon in Pisces + Mercury goes direct (2:03)

  • Lindsay’s new online Tarot Immersion! (7:46)

  • Lindsay’s life-changing Astrology reading with Anais + how astrology and Tarot came into her life (15:35)

  • How Anais found her first Tarot deck and supported herself as a professional reader in college (22:21)

  • How Anais taught herself (or rather, remembered how) to read the Tarot and took a self-initiated journey (30:49)

  • The High Priestess (both the great parts and the not-so-great parts) as a soul card (36:42)

  • Moving from Queen of Cups to embracing the realism and sacred boundaries of the Queen of Swords (41:54)

  • Coming to peace with the Hierophant and the Emperor (49:50)

  • How The Hanged Man sometimes behaves like a stalker and the uncomfortable cousin of The Moon (55:13)

  • How she learned to accept (and work with) her ability to see ghosts and spirits (1:01:17)

  • A tangent about our mutual love for The X-Files and the fanfiction that goes along with it (1:16:46)

  • The new Tarot deck Anais is creating! (1:24:42)

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