24. Creating Representation in Tarot with Courtney Alexander of Dust || Onyx

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Courtney Alexander, the creator of Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot! I am so honored to talk with Courtney about the creation of this incredible deck. Courtney shares how as an African-American unable to trace her ancestry beyond a few decades, and how creating this deck helped her gather the shards of her identity that once felt scattered and merge the multitude of intersections within black culture.

“Your darker self is not a part of you that you get rid of, but it’s a part of you that you heal. So that part of you can stay with you, but not be a detriment to you.” -Courtney Alexander

Courtney shares the epic story of how this tarot deck came to be, some powerful work around the Death card, and what it took to fund this project through Kickstarter.


  • Courtney’s search for Tarot decks that represented her as a person of color, and how that fueled her journey to creating her own: the Dust || Onyx: A Melanated Tarot (8:00)

  • The EPIC story of how Dust II Onyx Tarot came to be, and how Courtney went on a profound experience of soul death and rebirth on the way to making it (20:39)

  • Working on the Death Tarot card and working through fears surrounding death (31:12)

  • Some astrology talk + the placement of some of Courtney’s planets (44:21)

  • Creating a Kickstarter campaign for the Dust || Onyx Tarot deck + the creation & production process (46:55)

  • Where the name Dust II Onyx came from (1:04:57)

  • The second edition of Dust II Onyx + the sponsor a deck program (1:08:45)

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