10. Observing the Cycles with the Creators of the Fountain Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl & Andi Todaro, the creators of The Fountain Tarot!

“When you see a fountain, you can’t necessarily see its source. There’s this illusion of it sourcing itself—there’s no beginning, there’s no ending—and we wanted something that sort of escaped the idea of cycles and was just literally constantly sourcing, constantly going back into itself and never ending.”

The Fountain Tarot is a gorgeous deck, packed with exquisite imagery and imbued with loving attention and intention. It is an exceptional deck in all regards, birthed equally and collaboratively by Jonathan, who painted the images, Jason who wrote the guide book, and Andi, who created the incredible packaging for the deck, and designed the graphics, logo and more.

“The Fountain card is a foot in both worlds. We’re all sort of simultaneously human and we’re all simultaneously divine and to be human is to be caught in the muck and going through these cycles. To pay attention to our divinity is to step outside of that and be able to see it happening.”


  • The intensity of the Full Moon in Aries (0:50)

  • How Jonathan, Jason, and Andi all met and began this journey together (11:37)

  • Andi’s intuitive and Tarot reading connection (15:25)

  • How the Fountain Tarot was channeled, birthed and created by the three of them equally, with enormous mutual support, love, and respect (20:20)

  • The literal process of the deck's creation, How Jonathan, Jason & Andi wove design, paintings and written words together (31:18)

  • How the Fountain Tarot got its name + birthing the 79th card (38:05)

  • Creation of the throughline/cord of light in the images of the deck (47:17)

  • Inspiration behind The Emperor and Chariot cards (54:40)

  • The design process of the Fountain Tarot deck (1:01:02)

  • The painting process of the Fountain Tarot deck (1:11:09)

  • The journey from Kickstarter to selling the deck to a publisher (1:16:10)

  • Favorite Tarot cards: The Hanged Man, The Tower, Eight of Pentacles (1:24:52)

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