56. The Devil: Transformative Liberation

Happy Solstice/Yule, Wild Souls! Today on the podcast, Lindsay dives deep into the profound medicine of The Devil card, exploring it through a soul centered lens.

“The Devil is—in soul Tarot—the absolute most profound liberation in the entire Tarot.”

The Devil is a transformative liberation, a holy ladder, one that has the power and the potential to positively shift our relationship with ourselves, our desires and our brain chemistry forever, if we are available to the blessings that it brings. On this episode, we explore an evolved way of viewing this card, and discuss ways in which to work with it if we are triggered, contracted, or confused.

“The Devil is really not about the vice, it’s about your beliefs about the vice.”

The Devil is truly one of the great keys of the Tarot — together, we will dispel any fear based myths around this beautiful card, opening listeners to the possibility of a fresh relationship with its medicine.

“The Devil is a liberation because it brings us right to ground zero with our brain chemistry.”


  • The importance of rest and being gentle this time of year and the powerful punch this weekend packs: Yule/Full Moon in Cancer/Sun moving into Capricorn (1:49)

  • The glories of the Solstice, of Yule, and of inclusive ways to observe it (4:41)

  • The Devil card in the Tarot and ways to begin to soften and open our relationship to it (12:34)

  • The relationship between The Devil and Temperance: expansion and contraction (20:02)

  • Four questions to ask when you pull The Devil: Where am I expanding? What is this impulse/what is the invitation? What’s in my highest and best to know about this? Is this in my highest and best/is this truth? (29:25)

  • The relationship between The Devil, The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Lovers (53:19)

  • Capricorn’s role in ruling The Devil (54:22)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

  • Tarot for the Wild Soul Episode #55: Embodying the Empress with Erica Livingston

  • Smith Rider Waite Tarot deck

  • Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

  • The Threshold: A Journey into 2019