22. Bringing the Tarot into the Body with Jeff Hinshaw of Brooklyn Fools

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Jeff Hinshaw, aka Brooklyn Tarot, the creator of Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and Cosmic Cousins podcast! Jeff is truly a member of my soul family, and it was such a joy to not only receive his deep wisdom, but to catch up with him from his tent in Hawaii!

“Don’t put yourself in a box with your Tarot practice. Allow it to ebb and flow.” -Jeff Hinshaw

There is SO MUCH medicine and goodness dropped into this episode — you’re going to love it. Together we explore allowing your Tarot practice (and teaching) to ebb and flow, using the Chakra system to connect the Tarot cards to your body, embodying the Tarot archetypes, and the creation of Brooklyn Fools and Cosmic Cousins.

“Tarot is such a powerful practice because it is a tool for the Third Eye and if you’re interested in the Tarot, it’s probably because your Third Eye is one of your power centers.” -Jeff Hinshaw


  • The shift into Aquarius season—moving from The Devil to The Star (0:25)

  • The name Trash Canyon, the exploration of names and identity, and embodying The Fool (8:36)

  • How his relationship with his Tarot deck has shifted and changed along with his personal evolution and growth (he is currently in a High Priestess place with his deck — more on that in the episode!) (13:45)

  • His journey from full time professional Tarot reader in NYC to living at Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii—moving from The Chariot to Strength (18:38)

  • How Jeff uses the Chakra system to deepen his connection with the Court Cards with the example of the Knight of Cups (26:00)

  • Tools Jeff used to soothe panic attacks—breath, acupuncture, and yoga (33:00)

  • Jeff’s use of astrology and the powerful transit of Pluto in Scorpio + the Judgement and Death cards (37:38)

  • How Jeff birthed and created the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and Cosmic Cousins (46:45)

  • Jeff as The Fool, Lindsay as the High Priestess, and the healing of the Two of Cups for both of these archetypes (55:34)

  • Jeff’s journey in creating the Cosmic Cousins podcast (1:02:33)

  • How Jeff found the Tarot (1:07:50)

  • The year of no waste (1:11:24)

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