55. Embodying The Empress with Erica Livingston

In today’s Tarot for the Wild Soul episode, we’re meeting the embodiment of The Empress in Doula, breathwork facilitator, and herbalist, and co-founder of Birdsong Brooklyn, Erica Livingston.

“The way that I define doula now is anyone who supports and provides service for any person crossing a threshold.” -Erica Livingston

The core understanding of The Empress is that it’s an invitation to receive, and receiving is the hardest thing we do on this planet as people. In this episode, Erica embodies this receiving energy of The Empress by sharing how to dilate so we can become more comfortable with receiving from others as well as ourselves, and how we can begin to plug in our threshold journeys.

“By sharing with others and allowing them to care for you—especially when you are the first one crossing a threshold like this in your community—you’re permissioning every single person in that circle to do the same when it’s their turn.” -Erica Livingston

This episode also touches on embodying Death. Embodiment of Death is someone who is available to the cycles of change that come with deep release and transformational rebirth because the Death card is about death but it is also about a turning over and a transition from one form to another. So we’ll see the meeting of The Empress and Death because as Erica shares, that receiving energy is often most needed after big transitions and transformations.

“The first way people can wrap their heads around receiving in Empress is the basics of: how are you giving to yourself and receiving from you first and then come outward from there.” -Erica Livingston


  • A shift in how interview episodes will be focused for this Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast (0:25)

  • Introducing Erica Livingston, this episode’s embodiment of The Empress in the Tarot (1:25)

  • What is the Empress in the Tarot? (4:55)

  • What is a doula? (15:17)

  • Erica’s postpartum work and the importance of receiving in the time of after crossing a threshold (17:27)

  • Postpartum as a journey through the underworld and Erica’s adoption story (27:24)

  • The initiation to dilating the threshold of learning how to receive (38:58)

  • Tips for expanding that threshold of receiving + embodying the Empress (52:57)

  • Discomfort and contraction as evidence of when you’re about to break through the threshold (1:09:20)

  • Erica’s amazing offerings and where you can find more (1:18:20)

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