30. Spring Equinox Magic with Heidi Rose Robbins

This episode is a very special Wild Soul Interview with astrologer, Heidi Rose Robbins, to honor the Spring Equinox! Heidi is an esoteric astrologer, poet, podcaster and leader of Radiant Life Retreats. As a poet, Heidi has shared her original work at two TedX events in Los Angeles. Her poetry book, This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty, was published in 2013 to enthusiastic reviews. The Radiance Project, her new podcast, combines her love of astrology, poetry, and good company.

“The moment that we begin to look out into the world and decide that we have something to give and that we want to help another grow, we have entered the realm of soul.” -Heidi Rose Robbins

Today we’re connecting to Tarot a little bit, but we’re mostly diving into astrology—what it means to practice soul-centered astrology, balancing “future” readings and free will, challenging aspects of a chart, and working with astrological charts and elements intergenerationally.

“Astrology is the dance of your free will meeting a really powerful map.” -Heidi Rose Robbins



  • Welcoming Spring, Ostara, and the Spring Equinox (0:24)

  • How Heidi became immersed in astrology as a young child, and how she became introduced to it by her father (6:52)

  • What does it mean to offer soul-centered astrology — how Heidi learned, taught herself, developed a practice and began to lead beautiful retreats (14:40)

  • Working with “the future” and balancing free will in astrology readings (18:22)

  • Heidi’s journey to reading astrology professionally (24:05)

  • Leading people through astrology embodiment (25:25)

  • Challenging and medicinal aspects of Heidi’s own astrological chart (30:23)

  • Heidi’s journey with Tarot, and how she became introduced to it (35:01)

  • A little astrological medicine around Aries, Taurus, and the Spring Equinox (40:08)

  • Working with astrological charts intergenerationally (48:22)

  • Heidi’s poetry work (53:53)


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