8. Grief as Medicine with Holly Simple Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Holly Simple Tarot! Holly Simple is an amazing Brooklyn based artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and creator of the Holly Simple Tarot deck, as well as her brand new oracle deck, Fuzzy Prism! I was first drawn to her work when she released her amazing deck almost a year ago. I fell in love with her art, and incredibly unique and exciting interpretations of the cards -- to connect with her in this way was a total dream. I am so excited to share our talk!

“Tarot is very intuitive. If you just trust your instinct, the way you navigate it will always be something that is real.” -Holly Simple

In this conversation, Holly and I dive deeply into the channeled creation of her beautiful decks, her journey with the Tarot, our love of the Wheel of Fortune (and why it means so much to her), and so much more.

“Grief is a real thing and I embrace it because I know that there’s something on the other side.” -Holly Simple


  • The potent astrological energy of the moment: New Moon in Virgo, Autumnal Equinox (Mabon), turning from Hermit to Justice, and this week’s occultations (6:40)

  • How Holly’s journey with the Tarot was ignited by an incredibly powerful reading (34:29)

  • How the vision for her decks came to be + the birth and creation of her two beautiful decks, Holly Simple Tarot, and Fuzzy Prism (36:24)

  • Creation and art as an act of channeling and sacred service (43:01)

  • The hardest part of creating the Tarot deck (47:36)

  • Design inspiration for the Tarot deck and how deep loss and rebirth has marked the creation of both of her decks (49:32)

  • The Wheel of Fortune in the Holly Simple Tarot Deck and its connection with Holly’s father’s death (52:34)

  • The creation and relationship with the Swords of the Tarot (59:05)

  • Holly’s new oracle deck: Fuzzy Prism (1:03:13)

  • Daughter/Page of Wands medicine and The Empress (1:10:20)

  • Transiting through The Tower and caring for yourself during the upheaval (1:12:19)

  • The medicine of grief, heartbreak, loss, and everything in between (1:20:40)

  • Tapping into your core of knowing to learn the Tarot (1:26:20)

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