7. Staying Awake During Difficult Moments: The Hanged Man, The Sevens & Reversals

Lindsay flies solo in this Soul Tarot Lesson episode, where she goes deep around a topic that she holds dear: how to stay present during the difficult moments of life, presented through the lens of The Hanged Man, the Sevens, and Reversed cards in the Tarot.

“Reversals add a flavor to the card that isn’t there when the card is right side up. It adds a piece of information—a secret—about the card that can sometimes reshape the whole reading.”

In moments of life that are unexplainable, unfathomable, how can we stay awake? How can we stay present through hurricanes and raging forest fires, or times in life when we might experience deep helplessness and overwhelm?

“If we want want to step up as any sort of ally or steward for a fellow man and for the planet, we need to stay awake for one another.”

When we stay awake during difficulty, we become a force for collective transformation, ensuring that history will not repeat itself, allowing ourselves to be available for service and support when it is needed. If we can stay soft in the midst of discomfort, present in the moment, committed to moving through whatever arises within us, we will remain awake in this life.

“The more present we are to the places that are less easy in the Tarot, the more present we will be to the places that are less easy in our life.”


  • The importance of staying awake in moments when we feel helpless (5:31)

  • The medicine of The Hanged Man, how it prepares us for an egoic death, and shatters the spiritual illusion that enlightenment is a linear narrative (15:40)

  • The deep and beautiful work of The Sevens in the Tarot, how they all bring us from an external desire to an internal investigation (29:20)

  • Seven of Wands (31:37)

  • Seven of Cups (34:06)

  • Seven of Pentacles (39:10)

  • Seven of Swords (40:42)

  • The gifts of Reversals, how to understand them, and what they offer to us as readers when we receive them (45:33)

  • How to come home and be with ourselves in moments when we would prefer to just stay asleep -- and how these three aspects of The Tarot can help (57:47)

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