61. Intuitive Channeling with the Tarot

In this episode of the Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast, Lindsay dives into how intuition and the Tarot intersect with each other, and how we can begin to cultivate a channeling practice with our decks.

“You are already intuitive; how the intuition unfolds in you—what kind of form it desires to take—that remains to be seen.”

Consider this episode a primer guide on how to start expanding your intuition with your Tarot deck. Intuition is a muscle that needs to be worked and developed, and we often get in our own way of setting an expectation of how this is supposed to look and feel like. So let’s talk about how to drop in and start using Tarot as a tool to help us cultivate this relationship with our higher selves.

“Your intuitive connection is a relationship—one of the most precious in your life—that you get to foster over your lifetime, so there’s really no rush.”


  • What intuition is (the answer might surprise you!), and how you (yes, you!) are already an intuitive (5:31)

  • How we can begin to deepen our authentic gateways to intuitive knowing and expand our channels (14:22)

  • Tapping into intuition by asking your Guides (19:40)

  • How we can deepen our intuition + communicate with our Guides by using the Tarot (25:35)

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