20. The Intuitive Tarot Journey with Tatianna Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with the amazing and incomparable Tatianna Morales, aka Tatianna Tarot! Tatianna is a magnificently gifted intuitive Tarot reader, healer, teacher and writer, based in New Orleans. It was such an honor to have her on as the first guest of the new year!

“The Four of Swords reminds me that you do more in a relaxing state than a state of being the Queen of Wands all the time.” -Tatianna Morales

Tatianna offers deep medicine around setting energetic boundaries as a Tarot reader or spiritual worker, insights into the Magician, Four of Swords, Queen of Wands, and the Empress, and incredible stories and insights into motherhood and listening to the calling to move to New Orleans.

“If you can’t take care of yourself then no one else around you gets taken care of.” -Tatianna Morales


  • Welcoming in the New Year: a High Priestess + Justice year (0:24)

  • How Tatianna’s life, intuitive channel and spiritual practices have changed since becoming a mama three months ago (9:40)

  • Tatianna’s amazing story about how she was intuitively guided to move from Brooklyn to New Orleans (15:45)

  • Tatianna’s journey as an intuitive, beginning from reading fortunes with playing cards as a kid in school, to this moment, as a professional reader and healer (29:56)

  • Tatianna’s collective Tarot readings on her Instagram (43:09)

  • Other modalities, gifts, and connections woven into Tatianna’s Tarot work (48:04)

  • The Magician as Tatianna’s soul card that has guided her path for many years (52:47)

  • Deep medicine around the Queen of Wands and Four of Swords (59:09)

  • Moving through the Four of Swords and The Empress (1:02:44)

  • How Tatianna has developed amazing energetic boundaries over the years (1:04:07)

  • Utilizing ancestral connections to create boundaries and peace (1:11:18)

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