15. Looking Through a Portal with Karen Vogel of The Motherpeace Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Karen Vogel, the co-creator of The Motherpeace Tarot! Karen is an intuitive artist, healer, teacher, writer, Tarot Reader, and the co-creator (with Vicki Noble) of the amazing and beautiful Motherpeace Tarot deck. She is a true living legend, and it was an honor of a lifetime to get to speak to her.

“It had been our intention that this is a tool for healing and a bridge for others’ wisdom and intuition to heal themselves.” -Karen Vogel


  • How Karen and Vicki feel about their collaboration with Dior (6:47)

  • How the Motherpeace Tarot came to be and how Karen and Vicki published the first 5000 copies themselves (15:59)

  • The decision to make the Motherpeace Tarot a round, circular deck (20:42)

  • Other contributors to the Motherpeace Tarot deck: Lily Hillwomyn and Cassandra Light (26:11)

  • How she got introduced to Tarot (in NYC in the 1960s!) and her journey into healership and her artistry (30:34)

  • How Karen Vogel and Vicki Nobel met and how they decided to make a Tarot deck together (34:36)

  • Where the inspiration for the images arose from for the Motherpeace Tarot (41:20)

  • The Justice card of the Motherpeace Tarot (54:39)

  • The decision to order Justice as 8 and Strength as 11 (1:00:41)

  • The Tarot cards that Karen most loved drawing: the Wheel of Fortune and the Emperor (1:04:42)

  • The Five of Pentacles card of the Motherpeace Tarot and reworking the fives and the sevens of the Tarot (1:09:40)

  • Creating the Motherpeace Tarot Spread (1:17:08)

  • How the success of the Motherpeace Tarot has felt (1:23:00)

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