25. The Knights of the Tarot

This episode is a continued Wild Soul Lesson around The Court Cards with Lindsay, where she talks all about The Knights, the sacred air-energy movers of the Tarot. She also dives into the intensely powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

“The Knights bring a kind of invisible directive approach to how we’re being invited to move.”


  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius - a time of observation (1:08)

  • How the Knights function in the Tarot (15:30)

  • The Knight of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles are about the speed of movement (20:46)

  • The Knight of Wands and the Knight of Cups are about the quality of movement (22:02)

  • The Knight of Swords (25:20)

  • The Knight of Pentacles (28:39)

  • The Knight of Wands (30:53)

  • The Knight of Cups (35:54)

  • How to use the Knights of the Tarot (38:57)

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