32. The Myth of Manifestation with Corinna Rosella of Rise Up! Good Witch

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Corinna Rosella, aka, Rise Up! Good Witch! Corinna is a self-proclaimed 'good magic witch' living in Humboldt County, California. She uses wildcrafted and garden grown herbs to make magical plant medicine, and uses eight years of in-depth tarot insight to tell folks stories about their barriers and setbacks. She is also the host of She is a Tarot reader, teacher, folk herbalist, and host of the Rise Up! Good Witch Podcast.

“We have to acknowledge the fact that there are bigger structures in our world that operate beyond any type of spiritual belief or faith.” -Corinna Rosella

Together we’re diving into using witchcraft as a way to heal and elevate your community, the myth and shadow side of attributing things to manifestation, Corinna’s beautiful relationship with herbal medicine, and of course some Tarot medicine around the Eight of Cups, the Hanged Man, and the Wheel of Fortune.

“You don’t grow and you don’t create without being vulnerable to your own pain.” -Corinna Rosella



  • Life updates from Lindsay + lessons from a High Priestess / Justice / Strength year and Mercury Retrograde (1:54)

  • Corinna’s Tarot journey — the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck during her Saturn Return, how she taught herself, and how she began to offer readings (15:07)

  • Where the name Rise Up! Good Witch came from (25:31)

  • The myth and shadow side of manifestation, and how misunderstanding it can create separation and pain, especially within the spiritual community (27:28)

  • The powerful story of how Corinna began to make and connect with herbal medicine (45:18)

  • Transiting through the Eight of Cups (55:56)

  • Understanding the Hanged Man and the Wheel of Fortune (1:02:43)


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