17. Creating Many Moons with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with the amazing and incomparable Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, the creator of the Many Moons Workbook! Sarah is an artist, designer, writer, teacher and Tarot Reader, based in LA. Her artwork and design is based in the spiritual, feminist, and mystical. She has been creating Many Moons for the last three years, which have become been a cult phenomenon. Sarah is a deep and dear friend of mine, and it was such a joy to dig into this talk with her.

“We have to know the traditional history of the cards and the symbology and where they’re coming from in order to revise them.” -Sarah Faith Gottesdiener


  • Current energy with the Strength and Star Tarot cards and Mercury Retrograde (1:01)

  • What is the Many Moons Workbook? (27:06)

  • The epic nature of how the Many Moons Workbook was channeled, and what it means to say yes to our intuition (35:45)

  • Self publishing vs. traditionally publishing your creative work (39:58)

  • Avoiding perfectionism and the shame spiral when putting out your creative work (46:29)

  • Living in the intersection of artist/designer and witch/Tarot reader (55:23)

  • Dismantling the notion that a spiritually led life looks the same for everyone, and how she came to honor and trust her knowing over anything else (1:02:40)

  • When Sarah’s relationship with Tarot began (1:15:20)

  • Sarah’s relationship with the Devil, the Emperor, and the Moon in the Tarot and understanding the root of Tarot symbology (1:17:34)

  • Moving through the Temperance card of the Tarot (1:22:12)

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