43. Creating Spirit-Driven Art with Mary Evans of Spirit Speak Tarot

It’s Eclipse season, and I have a phenomenal guest on the podcast this week! Joining me today is the amazing and magical Mary Elizabeth Evans, aka Spirit Speak Tarot! Born in Nashville and currently residing in Joshua Tree, Mary Elizabeth Evans is an artist, a teacher, a creator, and a Tarot reader. She is the creator of the Spirit Speak Tarot deck, The Divina Tarot deck, and the Vessel, Iris, and Road to Nowhere Oracle decks.

“Everyone has the ability of intuition and the cards are just a tool to help you get there.” -Mary Evans

Together, Mary and I discuss her origin story, how she found Tarot, how she began to intersect her spirituality and intuition with art, the birth stories of her many, amazing decks, and working through the Tower, Justice, Hanged Man, Temperance, Nine of Pentacles, and Queen of Pentacles Tarot cards. I’m also offering some energetic medicine on the New Moon Solar Eclipse and how to view its energy as the Tower reversed in the Tarot.


  • Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 2018 (0:50)

  • Mary’s journey growing up in Tennessee and finding the Tarot (17:30)

  • Learning the Tarot through self-teaching and demystifying the role of the reader (24:25)

  • Mary’s connection with her artistry, creativity, and spiritual connection  (30:00)

  • Creating the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck (34:45)

  • Mary’s creative and spiritual process of creating tarot and oracle decks (38:45)

  • The process of publishing a Tarot deck (41:47)

  • Creating the Vessel Oracle Deck (44:35)

  • Creating the Iris Oracle Deck (48:30)

  • Creating the Divina Tarot Deck (54:13)

  • Mary’s changing relationship with the Tarot (56:32)

  • A sneak peek of Mary’s upcoming Tarot deck (58:22)

  • Mary’s move to Joshua Tree and feeling a call away from the Tarot toward other work (1:01:53)

  • Working through The Tower card in the Tarot (1:03:57)

  • The medicine of the Justice card in the Tarot (1:06:01)

  • The elusive Hanged Man and Temperance Tarot cards (1:09:27)

  • Loving the Nine of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles Tarot cards (1:13:54)

  • Mary’s clothing, jewelry, and adornments (1:15:50)


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