28. The Flaming Skull with Nicole Mayefske of Big Mouth Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Nicole Mayefske, aka Big Mouth Tarot! Nicole is a Twin Cities-based queer Tarot reader and Reiki I practitioner. Nicole is an extraordinary writer, an exceptional reader, and a magnificent human being — it was such a joy to have her on the podcast.

“I love Tarot for the very you do you aspect of it.” -Nicole Mayefske

In this episode we’re digging into all the things—from the need to create a Tarot director of readers across the country (which Nicole is now working on!) to burnout as a Tarot reader with some powerful Tarot medicine around The Sun, The Tower, and the Queen of Wands, and the importance creating a Tarot learning and reading environment on your own terms.

“Some of the best ways I’ve learned some of the Tarot cards is pulling them during very traumatic parts in my life.” -Nicole Mayefske



  • The Tarot scene in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities area + how there needs to be a Tarot directory for the readers across the country (6:50)

  • Her Tarot journey — how she came to find her first deck, how she taught herself, and how she chose her teachers (14:20)

  • Burn out, day jobs, and the importance of boundaries with Tarot readings (29:15)

  • Coming to Tarot and learning the Tarot in your own way vs. getting caught up in the ritual and “dogma” of how you’re “supposed to” do it (36:46)

  • Nicole’s written posts about the Tarot (46:00)

  • Transiting through The Sun card (55:50)

  • Chariot vs. The Tower card of the year (58:25)

  • Developing an understanding for The Hanged Man, The Moon, Temperance, and Wheel of Fortune (1:05:13)

  • Medicine story for the Queen of Wands and her connection with Vasilisa (1:12:37)

  • Using pop culture references in Tarot readings (1:20:12)


"Vasilisa the Beautiful" by Ivan Bilibin

"Vasilisa the Beautiful" by Ivan Bilibin