21. The Pages of the Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Lesson with Lindsay, where she talks all about The Pages. This is the first installment out of four episodes of the podcast that will work through The Court Cards.

“The Court Cards are some of the most highly subjective cards in the Tarot because they look different in every day. There is not one way to interpret them.”

Lindsay dives into the medicine of the Court Cards of the Tarot as a whole and how we can apply elementation to help us deepen our understanding of them. In this episode, we’re diving in the Pages of the Tarot (the Earth element) and the wisdom of the inner child they bring us.

“I believe that the Court Cards are the master-level energies in the flow of the Tarot.”


  • The New Moon in Capricorn (0:27)

  • Introduction to the medicine of the Court Cards and how they are rarely representative of other people (4:07)

  • Double elementation, and how that can help us to understand these cards more intimately: Pages as Earth element (19:12)

  • The Page of Cups: an invitation to play and activate the imagination as the inner child (27:30)

  • The Page of Wands: working with enormous creative energy by taking a sacred pause (32:09)

  • The Page of Swords: the archetype of the young hero (37:12)

  • The Page of Pentacles: the seeker and finding depth (43:21)

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