68. Embodying Queen of Wands with Jack Ferver

On this episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, we have the amazing, brilliant, and divine Jack Ferver as our embodiment of Queen of Wands!

Jack Ferver is a New York based writer, choreographer, and director, and the co-host of the podcast, “Dance and Stuff.” His genre defying performances, which have been called “so extreme that they sometimes look and feel like exorcisms” (The New Yorker), explore the tragicomedy of the human psyche. Jack’s works have been presented in New York City at the New Museum; The Kitchen; The French Institute Alliance Française, as part of Crossing the Line; Abrons Arts Center; Gibney Dance, and Performance Space 122, to name a few. His work in film and TV includes “Outside Providence,” “Gayby,” and “Strangers with Candy,” among many other credits.

“My experience of life has been that it’s unknown and that we are always grasping for known qualities so that we can feel safe, and then they wash away.” -Jack Ferver

Queen of Wands is the witch of the deck. Ruled by fire and water, this being is the embodiment of alchemy, creating magic, ceremony, ritual and channeled medicine wherever they walk. When we embody Queen of Wands, life becomes ceremony, and we allow ourselves to be a living vessel for Divine to come through us, regardless of what medium or method we are practicing with. As the creator of such fierce and intense channeled works, Jack is truly a witch before all else, desiring for their work, writing, and theatrical pieces to be of highest service.

“Even if the message is going to be mystery, it must be clear. Poetry is not vague.” -Jack Ferver

Jack also has a beautiful embodiment with The Magician, Seven of Cups, and Knight of Wands. The Magician because of Jack’s creative, channeling process — how he brings things that are within him, out of him into the world; Seven of Cups because of Jack’s amazing ability to rest in the deep dream space, allowing ideas to form from different varieties of media and medium; Knight of Wands, because Jack truly is a living embodiment of moving through the world as yourself, in a way that only you can.


  • Why Jack is the embodiment of the Queen of Wands—and The Magician, Death, Seven of Cups, and Knight of Wands (3:35)

  • Writing + creation and inviting the “whispering” to come through to venture into the unknown (21:45)

  • How Jack connected with Michelle Pfieffer’s performance of Catwoman in his most recent theatrical piece about shattering the effects of trauma (28:40)

  • Intersecting the witch and the artist: psychic dramaturgy (38:28)

  • Jack’s process of creation, and allowing the muses to come in (49:32)

  • Creating art as a service + the kind of self care Jack needs to utilize before his immense performances (54:40)

  • How Jack came to his understanding that he is a witch (1:14:14)

  • How his experience training in Martha Graham technique opened his eyes to the kind of work he wanted to create (1:15:51)

  • How Jack’s experience of being an abused, bullied kid has inspired him to create work that helps and heals (1:17:35)

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