35. Finding Self Awareness with Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Rashunda Tramble, the creator of Stay Woke Tarot! She is an African-American immigrant living in Switzerland, who holds a BA in Film, an MA in Creative Media Practice, and is a member of Mensa! She reads Tarot, writes, and is the creator of Stay Woke Tarot.

“In the spiritual world—and for those of us who are spiritual practitioners—we kind of esoteric ourselves out of real life, but sometimes we gotta just break it down to life.” -Rashunda Tramble

Together we dive into Rashunda’s introduction to Tarot, the beautiful writing and wisdom she shares through Stay Work Tarot, and some deep Tarot medicine around the Death card, Tower card, Judgement card, and the High Priestess.

“Tarot is a tool, and as I worked on myself by using Tarot, it helped my Tarot practice grow.” -Rashunda Tramble



  • Moving into Taurus seasons (0:24)

  • Some of Lindsay’s favorite blog posts from Rashunda (2:06)

  • Rashunda’s experience growing up in Memphis, spiritual journey, and her introduction to the Tarot (7:22)

  • How Rashunda learned the Tarot, resources she used in a largely pre-internet time, the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck (through an interview subject from Rash’s days as a reporter!), & how she taught herself (14:55)

  • How Rashunda began to give Tarot readings to others (20:39)

  • Rashunda’s writing and blogging journey and how she weaves her beautiful writing with the Tarot (23:24)

  • How Stay Woke Tarot was born, her writing on the concept of #blackgirlmagic, and if there’s a book in her future (27:42)

  • Rashunda’s relationship with the Death card and the Tower card in the Tarot (44:51)

  • Transiting through Judgement (49:29)

  • Her deep, soul work with the High Priestess, both personally and in her work as a Tarot reader (53:41)


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