59. Ask Lindsay: Repeating Tarot cards, Fear vs Intuition, and Celebrating Thresholds

It’s Ask Lindsay time on Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! The episode where I answer your questions about Tarot, magic and everything in between.

“We actually can learn that sometimes there are cards that we think really stink and then we get into them and we realize it’s a lot lighter than how other people might experience it.”

Today, we start the episode out with some words on this liminal space between the Eclipses, some exciting announcements about upcoming offerings, and work through some beautiful questions:

  • The energy of the in-between time of eclipse season (1:01)

  • All about Lindsay’s class: Trauma and the Tarot (5:15)

  • Tarot for the Wild Soul course updates! - enrollment opens in February (9:05)

  • What do repeating Tarot cards mean? (15:57)

  • What does it mean when a positive Tarot card shows up in the position of “What needs to be released?” (20:08)

  • Do you need a contract to read Tarot professionally? (24:41)

  • How to connect with the moon cycles and blood mysteries for non-bleeding folx (29:07)

  • How to prepare yourself when you receive contractive Tarot cards (35:54)

  • When to ask someone else to do a Tarot reading for you vs. when to do a Tarot reading for yourself (40:43)

  • Combining Tarot reading with other energetic offerings (45:21)

  • Celebrating and honoring retroactive thresholds (49:51)

  • How to tell the difference between feeling Intuition and Fear (56:57)

  • Advice on how to read Tarot card combinations (1:00:53)

  • Energetic difference between the Emperor and the Queen of Swords (1:02:35)

  • How to work in winter energy while still being abundant in your business (1:06:22)

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