2. The Essence of Being Human with Ruby Warrington of The Numinous

This episode is our first ever Wild Soul Interview, with special guest Ruby Warrington! Ruby is the founder of The Numinous, author of Material Girl, Mystical World, and co-creator of Moon Club (with Alexandra Roxo), and Club Soda (with Biet Simpkin). It is a deep gift to have Ruby here as the first ever interviewee for the podcast.

“What‘s the real purpose for investigating all these practices, what’s the purpose of all this time spent healing ourselves if it’s not to come into such a sense of completeness and wholeness that we then feel like we have enough to give something back to the world?” -Ruby Warrington

Ruby digs into the importance of finding your soul purpose and using it to give back to collective whole. She also shares how we are human beings and we seek out pleasurable experience because that’s what makes life worth living and that very much works alongside the inner, spiritual journey, not against it.

“Living a fulfilling and complete and true human life is about seeking a balance between the material and the mystical.” -Ruby Warrington


  • We are in the Lion’s Gate Portal (5:42)

  • Medicine of Mercury Retrograde (11:43)

  • Having a year of contraction and coming back into expansion (17:08)

  • Ruby’s story from being a journalist in the fashion world, how astrology was the bridge that lead her to the creation of The Numinous, and how comfort and growth do not mix (26:44)

  • Ruby's book writing (and book birthing) process for Material Girl, Mystical World (39:35)

  • Transiting through Three of Wands with the book and looking ahead at what’s next (46:33)

  • The Start in the Tarot and embracing the self-care and healing elements it offers (52:29)

  • Struggling to understand The Moon (53:20)

  • Transiting through The Emperor (55:57)

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