11. Sacred Self-Adornment with Melinda Lee Holm

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Melinda Lee Holm, an amazing LA-based Tarot Reader, and the founder of Prescription Adornments, her sacred jewelry line for medicine and energetic balance. She has a brand new TAROT line (!), which are pieces that hold the frequencies of certain cards. They are gorgeous, and I'm so excited to introduce everyone to them!

“I get asked, ‘How does it work?’ and I just say, ‘I don’t know. And I don’t care.’ All I know is I sit down, somebody sits across from me, I put down the cards, I talk through the cards, and they are helped. I don’t need to know more.” -Melinda Lee Holm

I met Melinda at a Tarot class in LA, and was deeply struck by her kindness, her wisdom, her openness and her warmth. Since getting to know her, my respect and love for her has only deepened. She is an amazing woman, full of beauty and medicine, and chock full of wisdom from her 20+ years of reading and studying Tarot. It was so much fun to talk with her, and I'm so excited to share this with you today!

“There’s something in the cosmic soup that this ancient divine feminine is rising up again.” -Melinda Lee Holm


  • Current Astrological energy at play: New Moon in Libra (2:38)

  • Happy Scorpio Season! (8:50)

  • Rebekah Erev's beautiful participatory documentary film around Queer Mikveh (9:47)

  • Reina Gossett (18:00)

  • Melinda’s process for her writings for The Numinous (23:13)

  • The mysterious process of reading the Tarot (25:23)

  • How Melinda found Tarot + how she began utilizing it in the early nineties (34:11)

  • Melinda’s journey through trauma, PTSD, and how that has informed her healing work (38:38)

  • Tower card medicine (46:59)

  • Melinda’s background as an art major, and how she began working with Crystals (53:45)

  • How Melinda quit her day job, and how an article in Vogue kicked off a whole new level of her work (1:06:00)

  • Melissa’s inspiration + process for creating the Tarot jewelry line: High Priestess, Empress, Strength, Death (1:22:01)

  • Melinda’s relationship with The Star and The Hierophant (1:31:58)

  • Challenges of the Four of Pentacles (1:34:49)

  • Transiting through The Star (1:37:04)

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