54. Ask Lindsay: Spirit Guides, Clarifying Cards & Tough Tarot Medicine

It’s Ask Lindsay time on Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! The episode where I answer your questions about magic, the Tarot, your practice, and more. Plus, I’m sharing some Tarot + soul recommendations that some seriously magical beings are currently offering.

“Life happens for us, not to us, even though it doesn’t feel that way a lot of the time. Life finds a way. So the Tarot cannot be any different from life. It has to match life.”


  • Lindsay’s brand new offering: The Threshold (3:47)

  • Strategies for interpreting reversed court cards in the Tarot (9:15)

  • How to avoid the anxiety spiral when tough cards come up when giving ourselves Tarot readings (13:19)

  • How to calculate the Tarot cards of the year (24:06)

  • Tarot cards that might show up during the Saturn Return: The Hierophant, The Tower, and The Star (24:42)

  • What to do if you feel too traumatized to give Tarot readings (31:14)

  • How to read an “outcome” Tarot card that is not positive (37:47)

  • How to initiate a relationship with your Spirit Guides (39:50)

  • What happens if a couple Tarot cards in your deck get warped or damaged? Do you have to get a new deck? (44:36)

  • Steps to take if you draw a Tarot card that just doesn’t resonate with you or that you don’t understand the message for you (45:54)

  • Can you ask your Tarot deck for gentler readings if you’re going through a difficult time? (48:35)

  • What to do with a Tarot deck you’re ready to release (52:25)

  • Lindsay’s Picks: two amazing Tarot + soul-searching recommendations to check out (55:46)

  • This week’s astrology: Mercury stations direct + New Moon in Sagittarius (1:01:05)

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