4. Tarot as a Communication Tool with the Divine with Liza Fenster

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Liza Fenster! Liza is a Shamanic Reiki Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader, and the founder of The Persistent Miracle. She is a deep heart sister and former Tarot student of mine, and it was such a joy to have her on the podcast.

“Tarot came as something that I thought might help me become a better healing facilitator, and in fact it has.” -Liza Fenster

In this interview Liza shares some deep wisdom of her journey through The Star and The Moon in her postpartum relationship with the Tarot as well as some lessons in transiting through Temperance.

“I go to the deck consistently for the same reasons I have visited the holy houses of so many denominations: looking for solace, for comfort, for communication.” -Liza Fenster


  • A humble intuitive download around The Great American Eclipse, and the kind of upgrades it's offering to us right now—individually, collectively, and energetically (0:33)

  • How Liza got her first Tarot deck and how it has followed her through many phases of her life (19:18)

  • How Lindsay and Liza met (32:06)

  • How Tarot has become an invaluable tool for her on her postpartum journey as a new mama through The Start and The Moon (36:01)

  • How the Ace of Swords helped guide her on her journey to confront her long lost father (52:27)

  • Vibing with the Queen of Cups and how we were both swirling in Temperance at the time of this recording (1:00:45)

  • Challenging cards: Temperance, the Devil, Four of Pentacles, the Hermit, and how the Empress might be the toughest card in the deck (1:11:23)

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