37. Programming for a New Paradigm with Erin Aquarian

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Erin Aquarian, aka, Full Time Witch! She is an intuitive healer, spiritual artist, teacher, and mentor based in Portland, OR. She is also the creator of TAROT TV, where she creates amazingly in-depth and unique videos of spirituality and Tarot and is in a band called Void Realm.

“We all just pick up on different things from the cards. There’s no fundamentalist dogma in Tarot.” -Erin Aquarian

Together, Erin and I dive into coaching and coaching programs and how the Tarot is the most ancient life coach. We talk about Erin’s incredible offerings of Tarot TV and her guided meditations, some deep medicine around the Justice and High Priestess cards, and the importance of creativity and music as a practice for all people.

“I like to think of the Tarot as being the most ancient life coach.” -Erin Aquarian



  • Announcing the return of Lindsay’s Swords Tarot Course (3:42)

  • Her Tarot journey — the spiral journey of how she came to find her first deck, how she taught herself, and how she began to offer powerful healing readings for the collective awakening (7:26)

  • The deep problems (and blessings!) of coaching, and coaching programs (15:37)

  • The creation of Tarot TV: Programming for a New Paradigm (30:41)

  • Erin’s deep medicine around the Justice and High Priestess Cards for the year (37:23)

  • Erin’s spell card (42:57)

  • DIY healing guided meditations (55:31)

  • Erin’s band, Void Realm, how that has been a tool and part of her practice, and how being an artist and creative is important for all people (1:03:47)


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