26. Tarot as a Folk Practice with Tessa Giberson of City Witch

This episode is a Wild Soul Interview with Tessa Giberson, who is an amazingly gifted tarot reader, city witch, and zinester based in Ottawa, Canada. I had the honor of connecting with Tess both as fellow readers on Instagram, but also because they are one of my Tarot students!

“So much of Tarot for me has felt like a coming back to something. Studying Tarot was just giving me language for concepts I already knew.” -Tessa Giberson

Tess approaches Tarot as a spiralic, revolutionary tool to transform the collective, and truly lives that message. In this episode, we’re diving into the folk knowledge of the Tarot, using Tarot as a tool through mental health struggle, boundaries and consent when it comes to Tarot, and some beautiful medicine around The Empress, The Sun, and the Queen of Wands RX. They bring such profound wisdom, clarity, grace, and power to this interview — I am so excited for everyone to be nourished by it!

“I am fucking magic and it isn’t something that I have to earn or learn or study books to figure out. Magic is my birthright.” -Tessa Giberson



  • How Tess found Tarot on their path + how Caliban and the Witch, a book written by Sylvia Federici, has deeply impacted their journey as a Witch and Tarot reader (8:00)

  • How important it has been to break out of the paradigm that you have to study for 20 years to begin to read for people (not true!) (11:52)

  • Understanding and connecting to the Tarot as a tool through mental health struggle (15:42)

  • Boundaries, consent, folk wisdom, showing up for readings in contraction, and how important it is not to attach to whether the client “liked” the reading or not (so important!) (31:53)

  • The challenges of transiting through The Empress and reframing them outside the gender binary (43:48)

  • Tarot as a revolutionary tool (52:21)

  • The challenges with The Sun in the Tarot (1:05:08)

  • Transiting through the Queen of Wands Reversed (1:10:04)

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