67. Ask Lindsay: Tarot in hard times, Holding Space, Tarot for kids

It’s Ask Lindsay time on Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! The episode where I answer your questions about Tarot, magic and everything in between.

“Every single one of the Tarot cards that are in a deck contain some gift of medicine.”


  • New Moon in Pisces + Mercury RX in Pisces (0:23)

  • Reoccuring suits—aka, an abundance of Cups cards! (2:55)

  • Five of Wands vs. Seven of Wands and how to differentiate between Tarot cards (8:01)

  • Resources and practices for someone just starting to use the Tarot (15:17)

  • How to connect with a Tarot deck when you no longer connect with the person who gave it to you (19:35)

  • Tips on overcoming the fear of accepting and receiving love (22:45)

  • Pulling cards in hard, or stressful times (31:17)

  • How to hold space during a sad or emotional reading (37:04)

  • How to find a regular Tarot reader (42:15)

  • What “medicine” truly means to me (46:01)

  • How to relate to our deck when we feel attached to outcome (48:49)

  • Tarot for kids, or younger people (55:11)

Tarot Resources mentioned:

Additional resources recommended by listeners for younger Tarot students: