41. Self-Healing through the Tarot with Crone of Wands

It’s all about the solar (and Wands) fire this week on Tarot for the Wild Soul! Lindsay’s guest on the podcast is the lovely Christianna Wincek, aka Crone of Wands! Christianna is a witch who utilizes Tarot, herbs, and magic as tools for reclaiming, harnessing, and honoring personal power through self-healing.

“Engaging with the Tarot for yourself is an avenue back to power for people who have been stripped of their power.” -Christianna Winek

Together, we dive into Christianna’s journey into claiming her calling as a Tarot reader and plant witch, her healing journey through childhood trauma, growing up religious when you’re a witch, and (of course), the Queen of Wands. Lindsay also kicks off this week’s episode with some medicine around the Summer Solstice, and how we can honor its shining magic from either sides of the globe.

“That process is the best way to learn: just pulling a card for yourself every day.” -Christianna Winek



  • Announcement of Lindsay’s Court Cards class, Trauma and the Tarot class, and Tarot for the Wild Soul class (0:41)

  • Welcoming in Summer Solstice and suggestions for ways to celebrate the solstice + honor its magic (8:22)

  • Introducing Christianna Wincek aka Crone of Wands (17:48)

  • Christianna’s childhood background and relationship with religion (21:26)

  • Building a relationship with nature and land (25:26)

  • Christianna’s introduction to the Tarot (28:12)

  • Learning the Tarot—self-study vs. taking courses—and using it as a tool for self-healing (33:18)

  • The origin of the name Crone of Wands (39:35)

  • Christianna’s journey to using the Tarot after the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and coming to the realization that she didn’t want to read the Tarot professionally (42:53)

  • The creation of Born Under a Bad Sign (47:46)

  • Cristianna’s relationship with The Tower (55:24)

  • Moving through The Devil and The Chariot (57:14)

  • Working through the lessons of the Seven of Cups (1:01:59)

  • The medicine of the Page of Cups (1:07:13)


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