49. Tarot for the Highly Sensitive Soul with Marcella Kroll

In this episode, I’m welcoming the incredible Marcella Kroll to the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast! Marcella is an artist, tarot reader, metaphysical teacher, and the creator of the Sacred Symbols and Nature Nurture Oracle Decks.

“Tarot became my best friend during my first bout with recovery because it was a vehicle for me to learn about myself.” -Marcella Kroll

In this conversation, we dive into Marcella’s experience of being a highly sensitive and psychic child, developing a relationship with Tarot through addiction recovery, and how she’s been able to come home to herself through Tarot, art, and ritual—both personal practice and teaching Tarot to teens at the public library—when she doesn’t feel a sense of belonging anywhere else.

“The more we become aware of all our wounds, the more we get confronted with actually healing them.” -Marcella Kroll



  • The astrological forces at play this week: Mercury has gone direct & Full Moon in Pisces next week (0:25)

  • Tarot for the Wild Soul course starts in two weeks! (0:56)

  • Introducing Marcella Kroll (3:53)

  • How Marcella got started on her path of artistry, Tarot, and magic + being a highly sensitive child (8:01)

  • Marcella’s relationship with different Tarot decks and oracle decks (19:45)

  • Teaching teens Tarot at the library (25:07)

  • Learning and developing boundary work and cord cutting when you are a highly sensitive, open psychic channel (37:18)

  • The creation of the Sacred Symbols and Nature Nurture Oracle Decks (50:20)

  • Swimming through a Justice + High Priestess year and navigating The Tower and the Eight of Swords (1:04:09)


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