45. Tarot-Inspired Plant Medicine with Jordan Pagán of Ostara Apothecary

We’re in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, which some people feel harder than they feel the retrograde itself. Mercury’s directive is to go—to express itself, to communicate, to move. So during Mercury Retrograde, we’re re-examining the ways we’ve been moving and speaking. The tarot medicine for this time is the Magician reversed, which asks us to turn inward and incubate while being cautious about sharing. As Mercury moves through Leo, we’re also being asked to visit the Strength card to look at where we’re being invited to examine how we share our heart, show up undefended, and step into ourselves. We’ll also be moving through a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, which is all about personal healing to then extend outward and heal the collective using the deep tarot medicine of the Star. So this is a time to deeply examine who we are an individuals and how we want to express ourselves as a channel for the collective

“The Queen of Swords is very direct and forthright. She has this air of she’s seen it all and she’s going to tell it how it is because she loves you, but she’s not going to sugarcoat things.” -Jordan Pagán

Today I’m so excited to welcome Jordan Catherine Pagán of Ostara Apothecary, who is a healer, medicine-maker, breathwork practitioner, and tarot reader in Brooklyn. She draws on her Yaqui heritage to connect with the powerful medicine of flowers and incorporate them into every one of her sessions. Together, Jordan and I discuss how she began her journey with plant medicine and tarot, the deep medicine she’s received from the Queen of Swords, and how she’s found inspiration from tarot to create some beautiful and potent plant medicine elixirs.

“Flowers are the ultimate healers because they attract people to the medicine that they hold inside.” -Jordan Pagán


  • Tarot for the Wild Soul course is now open! (1:45)

  • What to know about being in the shadow of the July 2018 Mercury Retrograde and how it relates to the Magician tarot card reversed paired with the Strength tarot card of Leo season (11:30)

  • What to know about the July 2018 full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius and the medicine of the Star tarot card during this Judgement tarot card year (15:19)

  • How Jordan creates her magic through Ostara Apothecary, the inspiration behind her apothecary’s name, and how she allowed her Yaqui ancestry to guide her to a deep connection with flowers and flower medicine (23:09)

  • How Jordan’s journey with tarot began (30:08)

  • Websites and resources for learning to read tarot (36:33)

  • Jordan’s journey to leaving her job and leaping into tarot reading and herbal medicine full time through the Queen of Swords (37:53)

  • Jordan’s soul tarot cards: Queen of Swords, Eight of Swords, Ten of Cups, Three of Cups, Empress, and High Priestess (44:29)

  • Lessons from a High Priestess year (49:04)

  • Jordan’s path to herbalism and her Tarot-inspired herbalism line—Strength elixir, Moon elixir, High Priestess oil, and Four of Swords elixir (52:59)

  • New medicines coming from Jordan and Ostara Apothecary—Sun elixir and Nectar of the Goddess (1:00:55)


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