14. Life/Death/Life: The Three Lines of the Major Arcana

Lindsay flies solo in this Soul Tarot Lesson episode, where she goes deep into the theory of the Three Lines of the Major Arcana, and how they directly relate to the Life/Death/Rebirth cycles we move through in our everyday lives. Are we in a caterpillar phase, a cocoon phase, or a butterfly phase?

“The majors are all about our soul’s highest evolution.”

Asking these questions can help us get a sense of where we are in our growth. When we consider the Three Lines of the Majors through the lens of the rebirth cycle, it can provide us with a very powerful and transformative mirror for our evolutionary process.

“There’s so much in the overculture and so much in the nervous system that wants us to think that everything is a straight line—that we’re either going forward or backward or that we’re in a circle, and in truth: it’s all a spiral.”


  • A word about the juiciness of Venus in Scorpio! How to lean into this time, embracing the shadow and practice non judgement with our desires (0:33)

  • How Scorpio season reminds us of the spiralic nature of the life/death/life cycles of our existence (11:37)

  • The Three Lines of the Major Arcana through the lens of life/death/life (14:13)

  • The first line of the Major Arcana—birth, identity, ego: The Magician to The Chariot (23:49)

  • The second line of the Major Arcana—death + contraction: Strength/Justice to Temperance (35:45)

  • The third line of the Major Arcana—rebirth: The Devil to The World (48:09)

  • How we can use this around the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio (1:05:10)

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