38. MONTHLY MEDICINE: June is Aligned Expansion

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of June. The sacred mantra for this month is ALIGNED EXPANSION.

“June offers us a really organic midway point in which to ask ourselves questions.”

June is a profoundly powerful month on the wheel of the year. It splits the year in half, takes us from Gemini (The Lovers in the Tarot) to Cancer (The Chariot in the Tarot), moves us through the Summer Equinox, and offers us a mid-way point. It is a big review month. What have we done with our year thus far? What have we learned? Most importantly, how have we personally shifted or changed since January 1st? Since March 1st?

“We’re starting to evolve collectively out of what the brain wants because it’s misinterpreting the soul’s desire.”

The transformations and upgrades that we have been moving through, personally and collectively, have been enormous — layers upon layers are flaking off. Why? To support us in a long-term expansion, one on solid ground with deep roots. We are shifting our relationship to success, fame, money, and desires, evolving into a place of deeper alignment. Last month, we were encouraged to begin to “let the light in” — now, we get to do work on all of the places that the light is showing up in our lives, preparing us to expand in a way we never have before, completely aligned with our truth, and our soul path.



  • The energy of June and building off of May (0:52)

  • June’s sacred mantra: Aligned Expansion (7:57)

  • An example of this aligned expansion from Lindsay’s own life (19:00)

  • The medicine of Litha, or the Summer Equinox — a day of total balance (34:41)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month of June — the medicine of the month: Six of Wands (35:36)

  • What we’re leaving behind in May: The Fool, reversed (40:40)

  • What we’re moving into in June: Queen of Cups (43:13)

  • Gentle message from Divine: The Hermit, reversed (45:32)

  • Moving from The Lovers (Gemini) to The Chariot (Cancer) in the Tarot (47:07)

  • The medicine of the Full Moon in Sagittarius (May 29th), New Moon in Gemini (June 13th), the Summer Solstice, and Full Moon in Capricorn (June 27th) (51:34)


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