31. MONTHLY MEDICINE: April is The Mirror

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of April. The sacred mantra for this month is THE MIRROR. April is a month of clearing, of releasing, and of immense, bone-deep reflections. We are looking into our very core this month, opening our eyes to changes, to new opportunities, and to letting go of things that are not serving us.

“We cannot really evolve unless we’re willing to reflect and unless we’re willing to let the external show us and help us to see where it’s time to upgrade.”

The “letting go” in April is massive, and is connected to the great medicine of Mercury Rx — April, and the sign of Aries (The Emperor), represent great expansion, birth, and new growth. What needs to die in order for us to bloom forward? There is some very significant weeding going on in our gardens in the early part of April. We might get no’s when we were hoping to hear yes. We might have to keep waiting. If that’s the case, it is the beginning of a great shift. Life is lifting us out of situations, commitments and paradigms that are not in alignment for us, that our ego might want, but our soul doesn’t. This is a powerful reset. Looking in The Mirror will help us to see new opportunities, to seize our freedom, to get clear on what we want and what we don’t want, and to see who we are becoming, what we are growing into. We get to ask ourselves whether we need to polish our mirror, or whether we keep wishing our mirror reflected something different to us — no matter what, it is a month ripe with opportunities to see, to focus, and to look deeply into ourselves and our lives, all so we can get clear on where we are being guided with deep medicine from the King of Swords, the Devil, the Empress RX, and the Five of Cups.

“We cannot have a birth without a death. To look into a mirror of what is happening externally and internally allows us to be co-creators in that sacred death process.”



  • Transition from March to April, from Pisces to Aries and how this month’s channeled mantra came through (3:03)

  • The sacred mantra for April is THE MIRROR. How to “look in the mirror” this month, honoring the reflections that are being presented to us during this cycle for our growth, awareness and knowledge. We have a choice: we can either deeply accept what the Mirror shows us, bowing to the wisdom of the moment, or we can begin to polish our mirror, shifting our relationship with ourselves and our lives. (5:43)

  • The medicine and gifts of the Mercury Retrograde in Aries (13:08)

  • April might be a month of active rejections that are actually gifts—letting go and allowing examination in the mirror (15:39)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead—the medicine of the month: King of Swords (32:34)

  • The medicine of the Full Moon in Libra on March 31st, the New Moon in Aries on April 15th, and the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th (33:21)

  • The medicine of the month: King of Swords (39:40)

  • What we’re moving through in April: The Devil (41:54)

  • What we are leaving behind in March: The Empress reversed (47:55)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Five of Cups (49:31)

  • The significance of moving from Aries (THE EMPEROR) to Taurus (THE HIEROPHANT) in the month of April (54:10)


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