46. MONTHLY MEDICINE: August is Holy Renewal

Today we’re celebrating one year of the Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast—complete with a new icon and a dedicated website!

“We renew so that we can be available for what is in our highest and best.”

Our Monthly Medicine for August is Holy Renewal. Like a snake shedding its skin, we’re being asked to replace or repair something that is worn out, run down, or broken. Or maybe resuming an activity or state of being after pause or interruption. So this month as we enter we ask ourselves why we may have been interrupted or paused in the first place or what our relationship is with replacing something that is broken or threadbare. What are we being invited to upgrade and what reflection do we need to take as we step into renewal?

“There is no greater symbol of renewal than Death. Death is the changing of form.”



  • Celebrating one year of Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast (0:30)

  • Welcoming in Lughnasadh / Lammas or Imbolc (3:43)

  • Channeled medicine for August: Holy Renewal (8:03)

  • The Lion’s Gate portal of August 8th (17:38)

  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th (18:36)

  • Mercury stations direct on August 19th (19:59)

  • Full Moon in Pisces on August 26th (20:14)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead: Death (20:38)

  • What we’re releasing or leaving behind in July: Page of Wands (26:34)

  • What we’re moving into in August: Three of Wands (28:41)

  • August’s gentle medicine from Divine: The Moon (30:58)

  • Transitioning from Leo Season (Strength card in the Tarot) to Virgo Season (Hermit card in the Tarot) (34:05)

  • Snake medicine for the month of August (40:37)


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