16. MONTHLY MEDICINE: December is The Bridge

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an hour long channeled forecast for the month of December. The sacred mantra for this month is THE BRIDGE.

“In order to facilitate a really aligned turn on the Wheel of Fortune, we have to feel the consequences and the relationship between our choices and our destiny.”

We are crossing a bridge of life this month, transitioning from what is ready to be released to what is ready to be birthed. The Bridge is supporting our connection to our truth, to our wishes, to our desires, and to our connection with Source, all of which is nurturing a profound shift from where we’ve been to where we are about to be. It is a fusion of light and dark, a maturity, and a beautiful flowering of our souls. This shift is preparing us for 2018, and it is sure to be a profound journey.

“In order to cross the bridge, we have to understand why we came here and what we’re doing.”


  • The monthly mantra for December: The Bridge (8:16)

  • The energetic shift from 2017 (The Magician & The Wheel of Fortune) to 2018 (The High Priestess) (14:14)

  • A potent Mercury Retrograde and how its energy will us at this time (21:38)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead—The medicine of the month: Nine of Cups (25:32)

  • What we’re leaving behind in November: Ten of Wands (32:09)

  • What we’re moving through in December: Eight of Cups (35:00)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Page of Pentacles (40:01)

  • The significance of moving from Sagittarius (TEMPERANCE) to Capricorn (THE DEVIL) in the month of December (43:40)

  • The medicine of Yule and the Winter Solstice (49:21)

  • Full Moon Supermoon in Gemini & New Moon in Sagittarius (53:55)

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