53. MONTHLY MEDICINE: December is the Cocoon

Welcome to a new month, Wild Souls! Good news: the podcast is back from fall break! I’ve got big news about changes and shifts to the podcast is shifting, and I’m so excited to share them with you at the top of today’s episode!

“Solstices kind of energetically teach us about the art of intuitive presence—that we can be in what is in the now while also holding space for what is to come.”

Our Monthly Medicine for December is THE COCOON, welcoming us into a space of inner work and sacred pausing in this space between death and rebirth. We cleared so much in Scorpio season specifically, saying goodbye to everything that had to be released. It is a time where we cannot return to where we came from, but have little clarity on the next steps of our lives — or how they will present themselves to us. We may not have clarity on where we are going right now, or how we will transition from the space we are in to the one we long to take root in.

“The cocoon is an energetic space that is wanting to bloom open within us so that we can do the internal work that we need to do in the month ahead in a way that feels safe, that feels practical, and in a way that actually begets us meeting with the next steps of our external life.”

But rather than strategize, manipulate, force, or burn ourselves out trying to manifest our next step, we are invited to come into The Cocoon, to take a sacred pause. When anxiety about the future, or discomfort in this moment arises, we will be asked to return to our center through pausing. The Cocoon brings us from identification with the ego’s contraction to a space of embodied intimacy with ourselves. In doing this, we are available to presence, care-taking and nurturing whatever is coming up for us.

“The cocoon is calling us back home.The cocoon is like the inner cave—it’s a space where we can reconnect with ourselves.”


  • Some Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast announcements + the evolutions you can expect (2:06)

  • The energetic shift of this month and the powerful duality of the winter + summer solstice (17:17)

  • December’s monthly medicine: The Cocoon, the idea of doing some deep inner work in an energetic cocoon (23:16)

  • Shifting energy from an 11 year to a 12 year, from an energy of going within and honoring that alignment to an energy of completion (28:41)

  • Building a shelter to keep ourselves more intimately within after the deaths we’ve experienced in Scorpio season (32:09)

  • Preparing to meet The Hanged Man for 2019 (38:40)

  • The slowness and internal integration of Temperance in this Sagittarius season (39:44)

Wild Soul Collective Tarot Reading for December:

MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Page of Cups Rx (48:45)
WHAT’S UNDERNEATH: Six of Swords Rx (55:13)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: Four of Pentacles (58:10)
LESSON: Seven of Swords (59:56)
OVERALL ENERGY: The Moon (1:03:46)

Astrology for the month:

December 6th: Mercury in Sagittarius goes direct; New Moon in Sagittarius (1:07:13)
December 21st: Solstice (1:07:59)
December 22nd: Full Moon in Cancer (1:08:02)

Tarot Resources mentioned: