58. MONTHLY MEDICINE: January is Live your Magic

Happy New Year, Wild Souls! It’s a brand new month, which means a brand new Monthly Medicine (and some brand new artwork for the podcast, created by the amazing artist, Chelsea Iris Granger!)

“Hanged Man teaches us how to complete cycles because it advises and invites us into an energy that says, ‘Don’t move until you hear to do something different.’”

This is an extra special episode, as we are also transitioning into a new year, from the energy of High Priestess/Justice to Hanged Man/Empress — the first half of today’s episode is dedicated to a download on the energies of 2019 from a Numerology and Tarot perspective.

“The whole point of 2019 is basically not to blow the red light.”

We also explore the invitation for January, which is to live, or embody, our magic. It is time to bring our full selves into our life and the world. How much energy do we leak or waste by trying to be different from who we are? This month is all about releasing old, egoically driven patterns, all so we can be available to brand new ways of connecting with ourselves.

“We have the ability to make 2019 amazingly powerful and amazingly beautiful by choosing—even if we don’t know what it looks like—to live and embody our magic, and our magic is just us being us.”


  • We’ve got new podcast artwork by Chelsea Iris Granger! (1:38)

  • Moving from 2018 to 2019 —the year of The Hanged Man + The Empress and how to calculate the Tarot card of the year (5:40)

  • The medicine of The Hanged Man for us in 2019 (12:57)

  • The medicine of The Empress for us in 2019 (22:47)

  • 2019 is ruled by Neptune and Venus: a great year for dreaming (27:00)

  • January Mantra of the Month: Live Your Magic and Embody Your Magic (33:45)

Collective Tarot Reading for the month of January:

MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Ten of Pentacles (42:53)
WHAT’S UNDERNEATH: Queen of Wands (50:09)
LESSON: Six of Swords (53:07)
OVERALL ENERGY: Four of Pentacles (54:28)

Astrology for the month:

  • January 6th: New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn (57:15)

  • January 21st: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Leo (57:21)

Tarot Resources mentioned: