19. MONTHLY MEDICINE: January is Upgrade

This episode is a Monthly Medicine episode, an hour long channeled forecast for the month of January. The sacred mantra for this month is UPGRADE.

“Upgrading is about being willing to consider that there can be an easier and graceful way—a better way—to get from point A to point Z.”

In December, we crossed many bridges of the soul, leaving behind old patterns and cycles for more aligned landscapes. That work continues in January, in an even more rooted way. We are ready, collectively and individually, to upgrade. We are ready to ask for more, for better, for what we are truly worth. It will no longer work to make our choices from lack, fear, or desperation — we must trace our steps, look at any areas of our life where we are compromising, or believing that we cannot do better, and choose differently. Doing so will drastically alter the course of our year. It is a powerful step, a perfect one to bring us into 2018, year of the High Priestess.


  • The sacred mantra of January is UPGRADE: How we can work with the theme of upgrading in our lives, both individually and collectively (8:48)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for January—Medicine of the month: Eight of Cups (26:08)

  • What we are leaving in December: Five of Pentacles (30:44)

  • What we will be moving through in January: Strength (35:15)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Justice (39:55)

  • How 2018 is a High Priestess/Justice year, and how we can connect with this for our deepest expansion (47:57)

  • The Full in Cancer & New Moon in Capricorn of January (57:28)

  • The significance of moving from Capricorn (THE DEVIL) to Aquarius (THE STAR) in the month of January (1:00:35)

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