42. MONTHLY MEDICINE: July is Rebirth

It’s Monthly Medicine time again, an intuitively channeled forecast for the month of July. The sacred mantra for this month ahead is REBIRTH.

“Without death, there is no rebirth. So the work this month is essentially to create the new foundations of our lives.”

Rebirth is the only word to describe the heat, intensity, and profound energy that the month of July will be inviting all of us into. It’s a transformative month, sandwiched by two Retrogrades and two Eclipses. We are shedding, changing, and clarifying on a staggering level, personally and collectively, allowing everything that’s ready to die to die. Without death, there is no rebirth. Our work will be to create the new foundations, to rewire, making and carving out space within ourselves for the new to bloom—and to do so with as much compassion and gentleness as possible. The entire month is a dilation, asking us to surrender, to trust, to allow and to make way for the massive expansions and evolutions that are on their way to us. Prepare to dive deep and transform in the month of July.

“You don’t need to be, explain, show, bare yourself in any way that doesn’t feel like it’s in alignment for you.”



  • Grounding and clarifying medicine from the Full Moon in Capricorn (1:15)

  • July’s channeled monthly medicine of rebirth, offering us a powerful chance to clear, reset, and prepare to both shed and expand profoundly (4:30)

  • Moving from Cancer Season (The Chariot card in the Tarot) to Leo Season (the Strength card in the Tarot) (16:12)

  • Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for the month ahead: Two of Wands, reversed (38:23)

  • What we’re leaving behind in June: King of Pentacles (42:08)

  • What we’re moving into in July: The Empress (44:46)

  • July’s gentle message from divine: Death (50:30)

  • The Medicine of The Emperor reversed, The Tower reversed, and Death reversed for Mars Retrograde (55:23)

  • Mercury Retrograde in Leo (1:02:03)

  • New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (1:02:45)


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