27. MONTHLY MEDICINE: March is Trust and Allow

March is a month of deep changes, of birth and death, of going from seed to tree. In this month, we experience two Full Moons, one New Moon, a Mercury Rx in Aries, and the Equinox, our first Solstice of the year. We move from Pisces (The Moon) to Aries (The Emperor) in March, essentially starting our new year through a deep, nature-centered lens. We are moving through a contraction/expansion process, and a massive detoxification process, shedding old forms of ego, identity and people pleasing.

“There’s a trusting and allowing with allowing ourselves to trust the wisdom of our bodies and allowing whatever comes through the body to direct our next move rather than having it come from a logical place.”

We are becoming more of ourselves, continuing to do so in relative mystery. We are learning to Trust and Allow through listening to ourselves, examining our relationship to our intuition, to our body’s communication, and to our growth and willingness to evolve through what we are handed. We are letting go in a big way, opening ourselves to greater opportunities, and lovely surprises.

“When we are committed to listening and actually hearing what it is that our inner yes and our inner no is guiding us to, we begin to show up as a great, stronger, more mature force for change in the world.”



  • The mantra of the month: Trust and Allow. How we can begin to Trust ourselves, our intuition, our decisions, and our bodies more than we ever thought possible, and how we can begin to Allow more fully, letting go of control and the need to know where we are going (0:59)

  • Astrology of the month: Full Moon in Virgo (20:36)

  • The significance of moving from Pisces (THE MOON) to Aries (THE EMPEROR) in the month of March (24:37)

  • A Wild Soul Tarot collective reading for March — the Medicine of the Month: The Moon (26:29)

  • What we are leaving behind in February: Four of Cups (32:56)

  • What we will be moving through in March: Ace of Wands (38:25)

  • Astrology of the month: The New Moon in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde in Aries, and the Spring Equinox (43:04)

  • Aries and The Emperor of the Tarot as an ungendered sacred masculine + an invitation to take up space and be seen (47:39)

  • Gentle message from Divine: Queen of Cups Reversed


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