51. MONTHLY MEDICINE: October is The Garden

Welcome to October, Wild Souls! To honor the new cycle ahead of us, we have a brand new Monthly Medicine.

“You can’t get out of a High Priestess / Justice year without being recentered in the absolute core of your life—this month we get to have the choice about what goes and what stays.”

Our Monthly Medicine for October is The Garden. We are being invited back into The Garden in October, the realm of the heart, to clarify for ourselves what is true and what is untrue, what shines and what casts shadow, what needs to be uprooted, and what wants to be planted. We are in a rebalancing this month, a realigning, one that will unfold in a powerful and paced way.

“Without cultivating a healthy, vibrant, established relationship with the heart—with the garden of ourselves—we can’t truly come out on the other side.”


  • Pluto has gone direct! and the Full Moon in Aries (1:42)

  • October’s mantra: The Garden (8:10)

  • The energetic profile of October, being one that is connected to helping us make changes and realign in a temperate, well paced way, reminiscent of the Five of Cups (22:26)

  • Moving from Libra (Justice) to Death in October (Scorpio) (30:45)

The Wild Soul Collective Tarot reading for October
MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Knight of Pentacles (33:41)
WHAT WE’RE RELEASING: The World (38:26)
WHAT’S COMING IN: Six of Pentacles (42:33)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: Two of Pentacles, reversed (48:06)
WHAT’S ABOVE: Strength (51:57)
WHAT’S BELOW: Seven of Wands (53:32)

  • Astrology for the month: Venus stations Retrograde on October 5th, New Moon in Libra on October 8th, moving into Scorpio season, and a Full Moon in Taurus on October 24th (55:31)

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