50. MONTHLY MEDICINE: September is Open Your Eyes

Welcome to another month! Another month means another Monthly Medicine episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, and this one is a download of epic proportions.

“You can have a fruitful, very abundant, amazing time and still be wildly uncomfortable.”

The season of Eclipses, Retrogrades, insanely intense Moons, and cosmic laboring has come to a close. Even though we will be in a few Retrogrades this month and next, we have made it through the birth canal of the Great Void, and are ready to transition into a new cycle, a new season, a new opportunity to utilize our energy. We are ready to put all of the wisdom we have gained in the last few months into actionable steps forward.

“Self-care is not a problem. It doesn’t mean weakness at all.”

Our Monthly Medicine for September is Open Your Eyes. Opening our eyes is a choice, a moment of willingness to see something clearly, something that’s ready to be seen.

“Don’t let the brain trick you into believing that discomfort is a problem because it is not a problem.”

What is working? What is not working? What is ready to transform? We are invited to willingly look, notice, understand, and shift from a place of maturity, personal responsibility, and wisdom this month. No story, no blame, no victimhood. To make lasting, impactful changes, we must be willing to be with what is here. We are truly in a position to make some epic changes in September. We will only be able to do so by deeply seeing what is present, and the medicine it brings—even if it’s uncomfortable.


  • September’s energetic profile coming through the “birthing” experience of summer of 2018 (5:34)

  • September’s mantra: Open Your Eyes (19:05)

Wild Soul Collective Tarot Reading for September
MEDICINE OF THE MONTH: Justice (29:34)
WHAT WE ARE RELEASING: The Hanged Man reversed (45:07)
WHAT WE ARE STEPPING INTO: Five of Swords (47:47)
GENTLE MESSAGE FROM DIVINE: King of Pentacles reversed & Ten of Cups (55:42)

  • The importance of quiet time this month (1:03:41)

  • Astrology for the month: Saturn stations direct on September 6th, New Moon in Virgo on September 9th, moving into Libra season, a Full Moon in Aries on September 24th, and Pluto stations direct on September 30th (1:07:00)


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