29. The Queens, The High Priestess & The Empress of the Tarot

“The High Priestess, the Empress, and the queens are not necessarily women. They represent an archetypal frequency that invites us into ourselves.”

This episode is a continued Wild Soul Lesson around The Court Cards with Lindsay — today is all about THE QUEENS. We drop into every one of these watery rulers of the inner realms, and dive into the medicine of THE HIGH PRIESTESS and THE EMPRESS. This episode explores all six of these archetypes as invitations into our intuitive knowing, into self trust, and receiving. We also spend a little time on the energy of the upcoming New Moon in Pisces! It’s a good one.

“If we are not taking that space to receive, it can be hard to be consistent as an intuitive.”


  • New Moon in Pisces - a reclamation of childhood magic (1:50)

  • The invitation of the queens of the Tarot, the High Priestess, and the Empress (3:32)

  • The Empress (5:35)

  • The High Priestess (7:29)

  • The archetype of the Queens in the Tarot, the inner realm, and the element of water (9:27)

  • The Queen of Swords: the cave of boundaries, sacred communication, and deep protection of self (21:52)

  • The Queen of Cups: the cave of mystery, the deepest part of the heart, and the deepest part of the self (27:17)

  • The Queen of Wands: the cave of magic, sexuality, and intuition—the witch of the Tarot (32:30)

  • The Queen of Pentacles: the cave of the body (37:40)

  • The connection of the High Priestess and the Empress with the queens of the Tarot (43:43)


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